Friday, December 11, 2009

500 KM to Tashigang

Where is this Milestone? It's a notable spot, exactly 500 Km from Tashigang. The winner of my quiz will get...I don't know what I have that I can give you...Forget the prize, give the answer and be satisfied!


  1. I was gonna say Nobding, but Thinleygang sounds better :)

  2. I need more participates before i lock in the answers! Thanks Lobxang and Tongyal...

  3. Ah! duno where it is... but if we know where's the start of your journey, perhaps by tracing the route between the starting point and the destination helps? :P

    Hm... Googlemap may come in handy here :D

    But I like the idea of inserting the question on this landmark. It would really be interesting if the words were really there :D

    My most memorable piece is at Paro :D



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