Chablop PaSsu, '83 Model

I began blogging in 2006, that was the same year I graduated from Paro College and went to Bajothang as a teacher. You will notice that from 2006 to 2009 I haven't written anything significant. Those were the days I was busy on Kuenselonline Forum. In 2009, after an incident on that forum, I recieved a life-changing advice to write under my own name. That same year, I rebranded my blog as PaSsu Diary and took it seriously.

As an early bird in the blogging world, I enjoyed so much attention. My blog is often considered one of the top blogs in Bhutan. Having started in pre-Facebook era, some loyal old followers shared how they would open my blog every morning to check for new updates.

In 2011, an open letter I wrote to a Singaporean minister went viral both in Singapore and back home, which widened my follower base significantly. Looking back on a decade of blogging and having churned out close to a thousand articles, I think I have been a marathon runner to qualify as a serious social blogger. 

In 2013, I joined the Royal Academy with the blessings from His Majesty the King and served for two years until I founded Bhutan Toilet Org. Two years into it, His Majesty the King conferred the title of "Chablop- Toilet Teacher" on me. It was a new title His Majesty coined just for me; it's an honor, royal command and bond between the King and his subject that I promise to uphold till the end.  

My Toilet Org got registered as a Civil Society Organization on December 17, 2016, which is on the same day His Majesty conferred National Order of Merit (Gold) on us.

In 2018, I published a collection of over 100 selected blogposts under the title PaSsu Diary and ran a reprint in 2021. 

In 2019, I finally worked my on old dream of archiving and promoting Bhutanese books online under a brand name BOOKNESE. Over two years, I have managed to archive over 300 books by 120 writers, and the list is growing rapidly. The eCommerce component of the project is taking off quite will. 

Besides my regular job as the Executive Director of Bhutan Toilet Org, I spare my time for mentoring young entrepruners, giving motivatational talks in colleges and schools, running social media campaigns and workshops, Doing Google Maps, and blogging. 

I sit on the board of Bhutan Trust Fund and I'm an advisor for Bhutan Echoes: Drukyul Literature Festival

And I manage the following major Facebook groups that I co-founded: Beebay Market, Breaking the News, Writers Association of Bhutan. 


  1. Ordinary doing X-tra ordinary.... Keep on inspiring us la Sir. Hope to Meet you 1 day

  2. Your lines are already better sir, and keep inspiring us..
    Wish to meet you one day😍

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  4. Keep on flushing out!
    Your words are simple to understand and it can directly touch the depths of every single readers may la!

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