29 October 2014

Bhutan Toilet Organization

Who gives shit about toilets? Who even knows if there is a world organization for toilets? Well let me answer both myself. I give shit about toilets. I believe in toilets. I believe more in clean toilets. I believe most in toilet-for-all. And therefore I have become the member of WTO( World Toilet Organization) and perhaps I am the first one from Bhutan.

Since 2001 WTO has done amazing things about toilets across the world from World Toilet Day to World Toilet Summit, and World Toilet College to SaniShop. When 2.5 billion people do not have access to toilets it isn't a joke anymore. When over 1 billion people have to face the indignity of defecating in the open every day toilet deserves to be thought about and talked about.

As a member of WTO, I wish to do a little something during the World Toilet Day (19 Nov) this year, for which I have created a Facebook Page to gather some support for my ideas to kick start. (Please Like the Page: https://www.facebook.com/BTO.org). I am looking forward to a Photo Exhibition of Toilet in Bhutan, perhaps virtual to get a sense of what sort of toilet culture we have in our country before anything. I am expecting people to send in entries beginning Nov 1, 2014.
For now I have no formal linkages with WTO or any organizations here in Bhutan but groundworks are almost happening in terms of taking BhutanToilet,org beyond paper ideas. I can foresee how relevant it's going to be for our country very soon, and even now. 

Update: 1st Nov 2014: Thanks Logo Bhutan for accepting to freely design logo for Bhutan Toilet Org. Following are the different designs they tirelessly worked on based on our feedback. The last one is chosen for now. Please kindly critic.
First Attempt


Simplified and Chosen.

25 October 2014

Third Dimension of Circle

Mathematically, Circle is a two dimensional shape, but over the past weeks during the twenty one days of religious and spiritual marathon after the passing of my mother inlaw I noticed another dimension to a circle. It's hard to define that dimension, perhaps that's why they never tried doing that, but certainly it's not something tangible~ it's not the height of circle though it's so majestic, it's not even the depth of circle though it's so deep, it's roughly the beauty of circle, the art of circle, it's anyway something more than Pi can help.
Please join me in finding the third dimension to circle among the following circles I capture from walls, ceilings, doors, frames, plates and thangkas. I don't know the names and significance of many of the following but I just captured them with lots of love and now I am getting their names and studying them. Any help in this field will be appreciated. If you have other circle arts that aren't in my collection, please send in and allow me to appreciate.











You are most welcome to add to this modest collection of circles, and also any information on any of the 12 circle will be appreciated, please leave the information as comment to this post.

Updated on 7.11.2014

24 October 2014


It was the October I never want to remember, the october that suddenly took away a beloved family member. My mother inlaw was a simple lady who has lived her life well. She must be the only mother inlaw who didn't complain even once in all these years we have lived together. Even heavens don't know the true fairness. She was a blessing I always cherish. And to her soul I promise that I will always love her daughter, take care of her daughter, and protect her from the world of harm, and that she can peacefully go and find her path to the next life that awaits her.  

In her last hours, when medical science didn't have anything to do, when everything was left to god, and when in between doctors and gods my mother inlaw's life slipping away I watched that screen endlessly and counted my blessings. 
The monitor shows the heart rate, the oxygen level, the blood pressure, the pulse rate, the body temperature... Whenever numbers changed badly and when ever the alarm on the machine went off I called sisters and doctors for help, I pretended to be the strongest and stood by the sick, but I was also reading the faces of people there. Even though my mother inlaw showed good signs of recovery after suffering from stroke, the hospital was preparing us for the worst. My wife cried and begged for her mother's life but after sometime I understood that the hospital has seen too many deaths to be bothered by one dying lady who is occupying their bed in ICU. 
That long painful night I stood by her bed listening to the deafening beep of the machines, suffocating rhythm of the ventilator, and watching the numbers on the screen change now and then, I realized how blessed we are every minute of our lives.
There are hundreds of things that could go wrong inside our body without warning; heart could stop, kidney could fail, blood pressure could fall or rise, temperature could shoot or drop, brain could die, all so suddenly but the fact that we are standing and breathing is a blessing- having our heart beats between 80-100 is a blessing, having our BP close to 120/80 is blessing, regular passing of urine is blessing, having body temperature around 36* is blessing, even being able to breath on our own is a blessing- but these are blessing we don't acknowledge and appreciate until one day one of these begins to misbehave in ourselves or in someone we care. I have seen all of the failing in my beloved mother inlaw to understand how blessed I am and how blessed all of you are despite life's little problems. You are blessed. 

01 October 2014

Ninzi's First Stage Performace

Ninzi was mentioning about dance practice in her school for about a month and I thought it would be like 'rain rain go away' or 'tinkle tinkle little star' but we grew excited when we were told that she has to buy dress set for her show. Show? yes they were to squeeze in their one dance into Tencholing Pry School's annual concert.

The Team- Her first classmates

Kezang told me that our daughter could really make the dance moves, but she won't show it in front of me at all. So the suspense and the excitement built on to the 26th Sept 2014. It was the show time, I had the full day with her and we took her to her school for dressing and makeup. Kezang landed up doing makeup for all the little girls there.
The Dancer and the Makeup Artist

Getting ready
Then they were taken in their school bus and we drove separately to Tencholing. Her program was seventh on the list. When the curtains opened on item number seven my heart stop for a while. I could see my daughter was trying to locate us in the houseful crowd. When she found us she gave a very shy smile and her hand played nervously with her rachu. That was the cutest thing I ever saw.

When the music began my daughter is a different person altogether. I don't know if I am being unfairly favouring my own child but I couldn't take my eyes of her, because she was the one who was flowing with the music in perfect sync. The maturity and grace in her moves set her apart from the rest of her classmates. My four year old was in total control of the choreography, and I will never understand how her teachers succeeded in choreographing my daughter so beautifully considering how difficult it is to get things done of her at home. Many thanks to her first school, and her first set of teachers for this heartwarming experience and unforgettable memory.

As of now I must have watched the movie over a dozen times but I am not done.