21 June 2006

Vagabond and Mermaid

Poor tourists are vagabonds as rich vagabonds are tourists. The ones without an address or with countless addresses is in fact vagabond in Bhutanese context. They are the humblest celebrities who roam the street of towns in our country. It is unfortunate though but every soul knew them by their names, be it Lengo Dago in Paro, Wangtsha Nidu in Haa or Uma Lengo in Wangdue. There are many others but none were as associated to one place as these three were. The only place they ever went out from their towns was to heaven straight. All three are no more today and their absence is haunting......

Read More In Bhutan Today Magazine Which is publishing soon.


  1. Good one! 'stand for the truth' even if your mates are to scared!

    The Rev.


  2. thank you
    i am just starting to work on this
    it is fun blogging....
    I will see yours too

  3. Very nice, view my blog & give ur comment

  4. Very comprehensive blog... The dream of a writer materialised in the cyber-world. Well Done & Keep in up :D

    Oh yes, the Chinese character on the picture is "Road"... where think it was taken on the way to the Paro town area...

  5. Wai Passu, this I am going to say is a wonderful piece of writing. I have read about Uma Lengo somewhere, I don't know where, but I must admit yours is far more better than those I read. Good work. It really touched me.

    I printed a copy and let my brother read it as well. He liked it so much, but he said there are certain concepts irrelevant to Bhutanese cultural context, such as mermaid...vagabond. On the whole he liked your style.

  6. Very interesting work, I like this picture. I write mostly essay writer reviews, but in his spare time is very fond of painting.


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