21 February 2012

I Quit!

No, it's not about me, don't worry. I saw "I Quit" scribbled on the wall in Joy Lobo's room in 3 Idiots. Call me crazy for watching the movie over thirty times and still wanting to watch it, but I have learned so much from it that if I had the power I would honour 3 Idiots with  the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Joy Lobo's song became my favorite and his part in movie portrays how weak students respond to challenges. He throws his great invention in the rubbish bin and hangs himself. Imagine if he completed his project and flew his spy-chopper into Virus' office, wouldn't it justify the delay? Of course it's just a movie, and if that happened in the movie the whole charm would die away. But what Rancho does with Lobo's rubbish is something we should applaud at.
From 3 Idiots 
On the contrary, I was shocked at what I saw on the hostel wall where I went to drop my son last week. "I Quit" was written in bold right at the entrance of his hostel, and I could only hope that whoever wrote it might have written it in good humor. Otherwise, look what our kids are picking on! Of the thousand good lessons in the movie, just that thing which was meant not to play with was picked on.

Seen on Hostel Wall


  1. I get upset when instead of morale boosting lessons people pick up bad ideas from movies or books. A great reminder, Passu of how we humans twist things to suit us.

    1. Bhutan is a victim of good movies' bad influences. From physical character switch to, mental thinking culture.

  2. Maybe the writer meant 'smoking' or chewing doma... hehehe...nice as always!

  3. What a bright way to look at the dark side. May it be for smoking, doping, lying, doma, fighting, over sleeping, etc.


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