09 January 2013

Tragedy of Haa Bus

When I heard about the passenger bus fire incident of Jan 6 I knew it could only be Haa Bus. But I felt good about it. It's not a tragedy, it's the wake up call. The real tragedy is the type of buses that run on Haa road. For years the dumbest buses rode our road. May be it's time now to give people of Haa some comfortable transportation like the other Dzongkhags.
Haa Bus- Obviously  (picture from Kuensel) 
As a child I used to think Haa is the farthest place from Thimphu, because we get in the bus in the morning and reach Haa at night. We would fall sick for day after the journey. Only recently I realized that the journey is only of four hours at the most. But the type of Buses that run on our road are the ugliest and the slowest, they break down often. I used to wish for a coaster bus to Haa but it never happened.
It is rumored that people of Haa are very rough to deserve Coaster buses, our people litter the bus with doma, and tear the seat covers-I hope they are joking, and they even say we carry lots of luggage which is not suitable for coaster buses. I hope these funny logic is not the real reason behind why all clumsy buses are sent to Haa.
Everything has time and limit, but go to Lungtenzampa and see, Haa bus is easily recognizable because like the rest of the culture it is also preserved for ages. I hope people responsible recognize the need to change the buses to Haa.


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  2. Haha... made me laugh. I remember riding those buses you see from Lungtenzampa. Of course I am not sure if what you propose are the reasons why no good buses ply on Haa road because if it is - it is outrageous to say the least! At least people of Haa are far far better because in remote Zhemgang, people ride in DCM trucks. These are buses for these poor people. And I don't know why these Khengpa travellers deserve such a treatment.

    Seriously, I am still wondering how that bus emitted fire so suddenly like magic. Maybe like you were saying these buses are too old that they were possessed! Of course the owner says it is been only 2 years on the road.

  3. Hi man today i get to know the condition of buses plying the parts of country and if the casualty is zero at the time of fire, it should be a good news for Haaps as they will be boarding a new and better conditioned bus. Thanks for brings some of the history of old buses plying in country

  4. You are right sir,
    The concerned authority needs to look at the issue. I also traveled to Haa once and felt the same. I hope with the present bus gone, a new would run in place...great!!

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