24 January 2014

SelFish Sufficient

Last Weekend, I took my fish loving daughter to Gelephu Fishery. It's a place my cousins told me lots of stories about in school days. They tempted to visit the place but it took me over 20 years to make it here myself. In these year I have become a father and even my daughter has developed fascination for aquatic life.

Beautiful Office with romantic campus, but smell of fish is unavoidable
But I was never really prepared to see so big an area for fishery and so many tanks in our own country. Going by the size of the fishery here I am wondering why we are importing fishes from across Phuntsholing. Where all the fishes from Gelephu Fishery go?

Touring the Tanks
I am impressed by the range of projects this fishery is undertaking: from piggery to aquarium making. The piggery is an integral part of fishery. There are as many pigsty as fish tanks. Though it might sound disgusting to hear that the pigshit goes to fish tank but that's the indication that the fishes coming out of this tanks are very organic. 

The fishery is also raring exotic aquarium fishes to be sold along with aquariums and I think it's a smart move because they know best about fishes.

Happy Fish Lover- But we didn't see a fish that day
It was sunday and we had to take special permission to get access to the facility, but without any activity like feeding or harvesting the shy fishes didn't show up, which disappointed my daughter. But she grew excited when we peeped through to window of the exoctic fish unit.

We didn't see a fish that day but going by the size and number of tanks I strongly feel that it can feed whole of Bhutan with organic fishes- because we don't know where and how the fishes we import are rared. Bhutanese deserve to feed on healthy food. 


  1. Sir, you could have gone to the fishery at around 5 in the evening. I have been there several times and evening has always been the time when I see plenty of them near the surface. You could have taken your daughter to AP GENGEY'S LHAKHANG, which is near Kuendrup High School. There fishes of couple of kinds are easily visible as the depth of the pools are shallower and more clean than the fishery.

    With regard to last opinion, I think you would be really surprised to know that people of Gelephu are really great omnivores. Within two days, even I was surprised to see, the whole stock of fishes being consumed.

  2. Sonam, thanks so much for the recommendations. I live just above the Kuendrup but I didn't know about the Lhakhang nor the fishes. I will go there. Thanks.


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