19 March 2014

The Night Hunters

'The Night Hunters' is a collection of short stories written by my friend Dasho Lingi Jamtsho. We are friends because of the book. It connected us. And because he is my friend I can be biased in my judgement of the book, so it's best you get a copy for yourself and read it.

It's selling at Nu.200. Please don't ask how many pages it carries because it's a story book, not a notebook to be priced by the number of pages. Just know that it's about two mobile vouchers and you get to keep a book. Seriously printing books is an expensive affair in Bhutan, besides there are many people who want cuts. There is no regard for the Authors and their creative works.

I have been selling 'The Night Hunters' in my school and some people might think I am into book business because I have been marketing many Bhutanese books in and around my school however there is nothing business about it, I have no intention of peeling off the skin from the writers' chests. I just love literature and I want my students to love it all the same.

The Author during a Visit to my school.
I am happy that "The Night Hunters" is receiving good reviews from within and outside Bhutan. Here in my school every teacher carries a copy each and most of them have finished reading, they came up with varying verbal reviews mostly pointing toward the simplicity of the stories and some talks about predictable suspenses. Their reviews are some ward influenced by the price and the nature of my marketing- for some it seemed like they were owning a book for the first time (joke intended).

I bought my copy even though I could easily get a signed copy from the author himself because there is its own charm in paying for something. I finished it and I am impressed by the fineness of the language as much as I could relate to the stories. The cover design and the print quality can easily put it at par with any international book. This is one book that will not put Bhutan down, though it's Maj. Lingi's first attempt at writing. I wish him all the best with his second book.


  1. I know Dasho Lingi Jamtsho as he was here in Sarpang till last year. He is a simple man, as simple as "simplicity of the stories" in the book. He is also a great human being and all the soldiers out here that were under his control used to adore him.
    I also bought a copy of "The Night Hunters" and enjoyed reading it. Nice post as always Passu sir. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Passu, pls could you send two copies to me..

  3. PaSsu, thank you for the obvious publicity my humble work is receiving through this blog of yours...

  4. I as one of your student would like to say that those of us who love reading books really appreciate your work as you are the only one to bring such kind of books in the school. The thing is what someone thinks about you in a negative way when you are doing a right thing is not to be considered as failure or a comment either we should just let it go.
    Me too I read the book from a friend of mine who had a copy and I really loved it with simple English which can be read by almost every level of English learner and it really have interesting stories....

  5. @Phuntsho Norbu, I will post two copies to right away. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope all is well with your family. With regards. By the way, are you still in Gongzim Ugyen Dorji HSS?

  6. Tshewang, you are right I have never met a military man as humble as Dasho. He is a multitalented man with so much of humility. I am lucky to have him in Wangdue and perhaps you were lucky to have met him when he was there.

  7. Dasho Lingi, today I have read some of old stories. You inspired me to revisit my dreams, you are really bringing out the best in me and everybody who will ever read your book. If your first book is so good your second book will be great. Do it soon, I need more inspiration.

  8. PaSsu, for the record, lets make it a simple 'friend' or plain Lingi. I am not comfortable people calling me dasho, especially a friend. Having friends like you around I feel comfortable and encouraged and I don't know how to thank you.

  9. Ok Major Sab, Deal.
    today I posted two copies to Phuntsho Norbu in Haa Ugyen Dorji School and one to the greatest reader in Bajothang, Mr. Gembo of Hotel Dekiling. They Placed ordered through my blog and I went out of my way to deliver the consignments. But Major Sab, the postal charges are on the house for now ha ah ha

  10. Dear sir,
    Would you send me a copy. Please leave account number too so that i can tranfer cost amount into your account.


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