28 September 2014

Seven Years in Bajothang

September 25, 2014 was officially my last day in Bajothang. This day was never in my plan. Infact I didn't have a plan beyond Bajothang. This just happened suddenly. I wouldn't have left this place for anything, but sometimes we have to make important choices, choices that are more than places and people, choices that are dream come true.
The Last Shot of the Beautiful Place I am leaving behind
I never thought I would spend seven years away from home, and gradually begin to call that strange place my new home but I think Bajothang was written in my destiny. Perhaps it was written for seven years. The seven defining years- the seven years that made me a happy teacher, husband, and father.

Seven years was a lot of time. So many things changed in these many years. First 3 batches of my students would already be in jobs and have started families. People came and went, I am among the few who came and stayed. Seven Years have passed thus. And now is the time.

Tomorrow I will pack my bags for Paro. That's another place away from home yet Paro has always been home. I began my school in Paro and finished my college from Paro and the seventeen years inbetween were spent in that beautiful valley. I am returning home. I am returning to my educational home to be student again, for two more years, to reshape the teacher that I am.

Counting the last days in Bajothang, settling things, meeting people, and attending farewell dinners, I realize I have earned the friendship of best of people in the town, yet because of my activist's activities I am told that there are some people whom I have disappointed, but I am hopeful that someday they will come to love me when they understand what I was trying to do to this place. It was never personal, and when they realize that they will hopefully begin to appreciate what I did. In seven years I dreamt to fix everything in Bajothang but as I pack my bag I can see that I couldn't turn a stone. So next time I must dream twice.

I hope I will find time to return to this place and finish two last projects I have begun here: The Museum in the School and Book Cafe in the town.
Rushing up to meet my personal deadline 
Finishing Touch to the center piece...

It's Almost Ready. 


  1. All the best in everything that you do Passu! :)

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  3. Dear Passang sir, The biggest change you make above all wherever you go is only with your real profession, Of-course as an activist, you did so many good intended things in the community, but as a teacher you are one of those few teacher I met in my life who really inspired me. You really think out of box!!!
    hope you inspire more and educate wherever you go, see you soon.

  4. Respected and Dear sir...
    I really don't know what to say, but you were one of the best person whom i have met in my life as Teacher, Friend and more like a father. I am not sure what you feel for me but when I heard that you were going to leave i was stuck for about a minute not knowing whether it's true or not but later that day when I asked you and heard from you then only came to know that it was for real. I don't know about others but you really changed me and helped me a lot.
    I thought of meting you at the last moment but things were not that good so I rather kept that time for next time when I met you...
    I am sorry if I have done anything that made you sad when you were here, and now when you are starting something new there please don't try to change yourself 'coz you are the best as you are right now...
    These is not the end of the world still then lets meet next time...
    Thank You for everything...


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