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18 May 2015

The Picture of a Lifetime

My mother received the honour of offering tshogchang to His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen and the Prime Minister during the tokha in Yangthang Tshakha. My mother would not have dreamt about a day even faintly close to this, to see their majesties up close, talk about her life and children, and pose for a photograph, with His Majesty's hand on her shoulder. 

This is a photo I will cherish for the rest of my time, the best moment in my mother's hard life.
My Mother with His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen and the Prime Minister (Source: Ashi Jetsun Pema's official Fan Page)


  1. Super happy for your mom PaSsu 👍👍💖

  2. Wow! What an opportunity, sir. I am sure you have decided to print the photo and frame it for eternity. Beautiful picture indeed! :)

  3. Tashi Delek, not many get such opportunity.

  4. Seriously, it's a rare opportunity. Congratulations to u and your lucky mom for being blest with this such a special privilege, Sir. I am sure it would be really a picture of your life time la.

  5. your mom is very fortunate sir, congrats!!!

  6. Woala. With a son of your talent and caliber, there ought to be a mother who is highly merited to bless you and herself by none other than the royals. proud of her dude.


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