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20 June 2011

Geography of My Kitchen Garden

When I wrote Lost Path last June our door step was one foot under the sand. I personally witnessed how the flash floods from the farm road covered our campus with sand thrice, and therefore I know that the place I am calling my kitchen garden is sandy.
My First bean.
If you have followed my blog regularly you would know that I had to build fences around my soul before I could fence my garden. And as if that wasn't enough, my sandy soil brought in lots of skeptical advisers kindly assuring me that nothing would grow in my garden. If they are right, then why am I wasting time? Well, geography says sand is not fertile but geography also say that the flood plain in Bangladesh is very fertile. The sand in my garden was brought there by flood and it ought to be fertile as well.
Chili and Egg Plant

Kingdom of tomatoes- I didn't plant on the side of the box!

 Nobody says anything these days, it has only been over a month and my green garden is answer to all their doubts. Spring onion was the first to answer followed by tomato. Garlic leaves and beans are swaying in the wind. Egg plants are growing huge leaves overshadowing my spinach (spinach reminds me of Popeye the sailor man). Coriander leaves, carrot and broccoli are just germinating while maize and ola choto are touching the fence. Chili trees look promising- I have the Indian chili plants. My most favorite plants in my garden are the two Coffee plants and two Dalle plants. Looking at the list, it may seem like I have acres of land but in fact I only have about ten square feet- including the soil in wooden box.
Spring Onion among Egg Plant, and Coriander in the box.
These many plants growing out of my sandy garden assure me that I have read the geography of Bangladesh carefully.
First harvest!
An afterthought:
* Two coffee plants may give me two cups of coffee, or may be more or may be the wind will never let them grow their fleshy leaves. but twenty years from now, when you drink a Bhutanese coffee brand called "PaSsu" please remember to share with your kids how uncle PaSsu began with just two plants of Coffee ha ha ha.
My two Coffee plants- half ragged by wind!

06 May 2011

Good Fences Make Good Neighbor

Well, it not true anymore. I was planning a tiny kitchen garden beside my veranda when someone came and ordered to shift it. I take orders in professional duties, not in personal life. My sub-boss in school, happens to live in the same staff quarter with me, who found it difficult to tolerate me fencing my garden. The excuse was blockage of footpath to school, which in no way can be justified. It was like "Boss is always right", when I disagreed he threatened to break it. That's when the fight began. While I found it difficult to withstand his disastrous anger, his clever-spoken wife joined in against me.
by Kevin Peterson
The case went up to the school office and back to the field where, I agreed to shift my garden, not because I have blocked the path, but because I have block an ego. The fight gave me a few things to reflect on; it was the opportunity for me to understand how I was thought of by the opponent all the while. It also made me understand how all my respect and help was misinterpreter and finally I was enlightened that the fence was just an excuse.
Bajo doesn't belong to me but in these years I have lived here, I have given myself to Bajo. I don't just work here, I live here. I am a part of it. My contribution to my school far surpasses my prescribed duty, but I was given to understand that it was my duty to repair computers, set up internet for school and for each teacher, setup wireless network, fix printers, design school website, build school database, attend to every call in the school with regards to computer, and take care of each computer in school... well I am a teacher and I can survive just by teaching. If I am doing more it's only because I love Bajo and No one should dare say,
"If you cannot do all that, you may leave, someone else will come".
Good fences may not make good neighbors, it but makes us realize the bad ones!