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06 May 2011

My Favorite Bhutanese

Besides my Kings and my Mother, following are my favorite Bhutanese personalities, and out of curiosity I tried drawing comparison with their Indian cousins. Because there is no authentic research done I urge you to treat it as my personal understanding of  people.
Lyenpo Zangley Drukpa and Lalu Prasad are both ministers. They are very interesting to listen to, though their voices are lazy. They look heavy and lazy but are known for getting things done at any cost- men of Action!
Lyenpo Zangley and Lalu Prasad

 Aum Neten and Kiran Bedi are special species of women. They are fearless and icon of integrity. Both wear short hair and powerful glasses. They are the only women, after Joan of Arc, who could make most powerful of men pee in their pants. If you don't love them, perhaps you are corrupted!

Aum Neten and Kiran Bedi

BBS Dawa and Barkha Dutt are two heck of TV Journalists, who dare ask questions, which many can't even imagine. They are always after "time". They enjoy making their guest speechless. They are bilingual- they can kick in from both sides.
Dawa and Barkha Dutt
And finally, Tshokey and Katrina are icon of beauty. They are the most sort after personalities on Google in their respective countries. They are educated abroad and thus both have western accent. They are the hottest actors and sexiest dancers in Cinema.
Tshokey Tshomo & Katrina Kaif
There are some more comparisons, I will present in next episode!