23 February 2011

Remains of Bajo

Bajo school will start afresh from now on with all its history gone with the fire. Tomorrow we will look for a room, fine a chair to sit and start a new school. No record what so ever of any student or teacher kept with the school exist anymore. We will write down the names of the students, ask their class, their house and ..and well lets see... for now we have covered the rubbles and made it look like nothing has ever happened.
Beginning at the end.

Keys to all the doors and cupboards are baked and I hope we don't have to break every door tomorrow. I have collected some keys and hopefully they will open up some doors.
A victory trophy and some keys- all but baked


  1. @Passang
    Sad to hear that the fire had destroyed practically every physcial thing in the school. On the other hand, hope that this would also hold the school community closer to bring up a new and stronger Bajo.

    All the best ... and take care ...

  2. Right Ma'am, the adversity brought us closer and made us think deeper and work harder...but for now we are begging around...even for pieces of papers... often we find ourselves lost between the thoughts...


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