23 February 2011

Where do we start? Bajo School Fire aftermath...

Just when we are all set to start, we lost everything! We don't even have a list of students to restart with. All school documents from the time school started went down to ashes. How do we start? where to start from?


  1. Passang,

    I am sincerely sorry to see these images.....in fact I get disturbed by the news of fire disaster.

    look what this fire has done to our country.....?? It did not even spare my father, an ordinary man who just survived from hand to mouth with few number of milking yaks....

    I am deeply saddened by this news and I share the grief of all our fellow country affected by the disaster, Especially the students and teachers of Bajoo school...

  2. Lo, PaSsu ... when did this happen? I had no idea. So sorry - what is happening? Fire after fire ... my prayers to you all - hope you will find enough strength to withstand the aftershocks of the calamity, all of you!

  3. When did it happen? I hope all of you teachers, students and parents are pulling through fine.

  4. Guys, every single word has to be coined again and it's nothing less than starting a new school. Hope by now you saw it on BBS (on when and how it happened). We had an emergency meeting this evening and made a plan for tomorrow- no office to work in, no file to refer to, no table to write on, no students list...but hope we will manage. Thank you so much for the thoughtful words!

  5. My wishes and and sincere prayers...Wishing you all the resilience to pull through it. Take heart and have faith.

  6. i recieved a call from mom in the morning..it was sad to hear about it....you know how it made me feel to hear the schoool few yards below my house gets burnt....my sincere wishes and prayes , hope that there be something so helpful to you guys at such sad hours..:(

  7. It gives me agonizing pain in my heart to hear that more than half of Bhutanese sweat and blood were razed down to ashes in never ceasing disaster.As the disastrous episodes hang in the kingdom of Bhutan,I join the nation and people of Bajo in particular to offer prayers and deep condolence for the catastrophe and immeasurable lost it has caused.
    I am sure some measures will come up to resolve the crisis to precrisis state so that normal functioning of activities can be resumed.:(

  8. @Lakey, thanks for the prayers. We are putting in everything we got to bounce back.

    @ Sogyel, thank god there wasn't wind that night...slightest wind would have taken the fire around to nearby buildings, which includes your community. Thank you for the prayers.

    @Nima, Thank you for your kind thoughts...and we are sure waiting for "some measures" that will help us function normally...but it's hard to come by yet.

  9. I saw what happened that night. I was looking for proper way to contact you, but as you know how I am...any way it is easy to say and give advices, but impact of difficulty is felt by one who does. Yet let heartfelt condolences. Passang, you as a person I know, you can do it if you still have those confidence and courage like in PCE once upon a time. As one says, "What ever happens, it happens for good". If you take it positively, its a opportunity for you to show that yes "WE CAN STILL CONTINUE AND PROGRESS, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS". Its a chance to prove yourself to start from the beginning.


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