17 March 2011

Hitting Century on my blog amidst Crisis!

While I am the last person to believe 2012 story, these few months of crisis all over the world is forcing me to change my mind. From stubborn Mubarak in Egypt to brutal Gaddafi in Libya, now  almost across whole Arab world, history is changing forever. While we were busy watching the tsunami of people across the streets, Japan is hit by what seemed like an imitation from the movie Day after Tomorrow. 
Hitting 100!
As far as we know there is no country in the world more prepared for earthquake than Japan but Tsunami took it by surprise. And as if it wan't enough, the disaster is immortalized by the involvement of nuclear power crisis in Fukushima Daiichi. Japan may have to live the World War II ordeal one more time. My sincere prayers for Japan for whatever it take stand tall again.
Amidst all these crisis across the globe, which keeps me awake late into the night I selfishly rejoice the success of my blog- if I can call it so, for gathering 100 followers today. PaSsu Diary has given me the inspiration to write and friends to inspire. While I expect recognition for whatever I sweat in,- from working months on building school webpage to stretching midnight hours to set up school database- my blog where I least expected gave me the maximum satisfaction. It only teaches me to do the things that I love, or love the things I do.
On this occasion I want to thank all my readers from across the world who gave me 36,740 hits so far for letting me enjoy writing and take pride in it. Following are the top ten countries in which my blog was read. I am surprised Singapore which was in top 5 earlier is now knocked off!
  1. Bhutan 50.1%
  2. United States 22.0%
  3. India 6.6%
  4. Australia 4.0%
  5. Thailand 3.6%
  6. Netherlands 3.4%
  7. Germany 2.7%
  8. United Kingdom 2.6%
  9. Russia 2.5%
  10. Canada 2.4 %

P:S: Thank you Madam Secretary for reading, loving and praising my blog. I couldn't help flying when DEOs and principal gave me your regards. It means a lot to me- and to them!


  1. Indeed you are an inspirational figure to the youngsters! Hope you will enjoy even greater success here after!

    Tashi Delek!

  2. Thank you so much friend.

    For giving me friends like you I thank my blog and google/blogger and for giving me inspiration to write I thank you..

  3. Congratulations Passang. Please keep going.

  4. @ Letho and Lingchen, Thank you. I am reading two of you as well and must say you guys are heading to greatness. Keep writing!


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