31 March 2011

Marching through March

While blogging keeps me happy, life keeps me away from blogging. I met the bad luck at the gate of new year and he is still bothering me. My junior high school mate Tashi Phuntsho shook my hand hard and made strong promises. I didn't know he had changed so much until he ran away with my money. He has got guts even police couldn't break. Arrest warrant awaits him and he is still breathing dusty air across the border with his Indian mates. I have given details of his every move with his photograph to police, and yet I am made to wait forever. Police vigilance and intelligence ran far short of my expectation.

My school, the place that has become a part of me, saw series of hard times these few years. There was flooding, followed by drowning of a beloved student, then a theft case, then the bus accident which took a dear friend and injured three, and finally the fire that made us start from the scratch. Thanks to many donors, our school is coming back in shape. My principal is coming in with lots of new equipments. and thank god, the toilet has survived the fire, under the ruins- we didn't have plan "B" for that!

Mortality of physical assert shocked us the most, and our madam Secretary advised us to computerize every school data, which was what I was working on all through the month. I have prepared a very comprehensive school database, which I am think of publishing online in our school website- no flood and fire could ever destroy it.

But my personal problem still remains. As long as Tashi is free, I am not!


  1. Man oh man, you have been through a whole lot already this year. I certainly hope this is the tail end of your troubles.

  2. PAssu,
    I am very hopeful that Tashi, the notorous, will be nabbed very soon and I hope your air of freedom is not that far. Have faith in our Police department.

    you see, I am not having good times either. read it for yourself from my blog.

    any ways, keep yourself strong and stable. and i wish you all the best for your everything.

  3. Things will fall in place back again. That is with life. Regarding to your friend, he shall not be spared. Losing one lac from my apartment changed my life. I have now only my life to take care of. I am living my life and not making it; the later automatically comes with the earlier. I strictly follow the words of Dasho Neten Zangmo-"How is your mind?" instead of "How are you?"

    Best of luck.

  4. PaSsu,I hope everything will be fine from April. Best of luck.

  5. Hi PaSsu,

    It would seem that you have been going through a bit of a rough period. But I think you ought to know that bad times are what make our good times so much more satisfying and rewarding. Without that sense of dread and anticipation, without the fear of failure and loss, how can you derive satisfaction from your achievements and successes, how can you truly know the meaning of peace and orderliness?

    Life does not single out one particular person for misery. Every one of us go through these phases of difficulty. So, take solace in the fact that there are a million like you out there who are suffering and rejoicing in equal measure.

    I have discovered that one of the ways to overcome such times is to invent reasons to explain why things are happening the way they are happening. They may not be the correct reason but it is a reason that will soothe you and calm you down and make the pain and the suffering tolerable.

    The best way to make it tolerable for yourself is to invent a reason to justify the actions of the person who stole your money. Perhaps you could reason that the other person’s need for the money was greater than yours. Also, perhaps it will make you less bitter if you realized that even while you have been depleted of some amount of money, you are still the same man - diminished in no way whatsoever.

    How do you know? You may have unknowingly saved a life; caused him to regain his dignity through fulfillment of a promise he made and kept, helped him buy life-saving drugs to save another life he loves and cares for or, helped him make a journey to prosperity?

    Sometimes, it helps to remember that the money was not robbed of you at gun point - you made that theft possible.

  6. @Andrea, thanks for the good wishes, they are working...I am seeing better days now! How is life away from Bhutan?

  7. @Kuenzang, Thanks for sharing your part if bad luck... it must have happened like in a movie, one after another, bang, bang, bang... you are unluckily lucky, and that's what i am trying to believe in too. Keep blogging, it keeps people happy!

  8. @AB, Am Neten's way of asking made me think! It's great. What happen to your case? No suspects? No Clue at all?
    Mine is a funny story, Like Yeshey said, I made that happen. I made him cheat him. I trusted him of all the people.

    Things are really falling into place now. Thanks a lot!

  9. @ Lingchen, I hope you are right. April is for fools, and I am one...ha ha ha...The month is already treating me good!

  10. @Yeshey,
    Your comment made me pause for a long time and think over many things. I have had many people giving advices but yours really reached my heart. I kind of felt it so convincing.

    I am a little happier now than I was before I read your comment. Thank you so much!

  11. Hi PaSsu,
    That is good. The sum total of all the varied incidences that you experience is what makes up life. Can you imagine the monotony of your life if everything that happened to you was without variety? It would be impossible to describe life if everything that happened to you was good and cheery all the time. You would suffer depression :)

  12. Thanks Yeshey. Ha ha ha... depression ... I agree! Thanks for coming back to check on how i am doing. I must say, I am doing great... so much because of you.

  13. Hi Passu,

    I read your blog on a regular basis, atleast make an attempt to check for any new entries everyday. Lately u haven’t blogged consistently, I guess, I figured out the reason why? Anyways, hope you feel better now. Well; I just want to let you know that we enjoy your writings and truly respect your thoughts, be it the tobacco issue or your personal views about the things around you. In fact that’s the reason why we are so attracted to your blog. However, we have noticed that you tend to loose confident in expressing yourself, merely because some fellow bloggers like Yeshey try to dominate your views, and unfortunately you bend it their way which makes us upset, this is just a fan opinion, hope you will make it a constructive one. Keep blogging 


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