24 September 2011

Bhutanese Twitter Accounts Hacked

My mailbox is flooded with direct messages from Bhutanese twitter friends, and after checking two of them I was confirmed that it was spam. It seems like all the accounts are hacked including mine, from where many messages have gone out as well.
Experienced internet users like Boaz, Murray Gunn and Sonam Ongmo knew it right away and took time to alert friends but many might fall victims to whatever the hackers are after. Murray seems to have followed the link and got "sucked"- he wrote to me. It may be for a promotion of something or may infect your computer...

How NOT to get "sucked":

  1. Change your password right away.
  2. Don't click on the link mentioned in the tweet.
That's all I know and I did. For more secure advice ask Boaz @www.Thimphutech.com.
P:S: Apologies to all my Twitter followers who received direct message from my account that sucked!


  1. This is a message from @andreakw Andrea on twitter, which might help us:

    @PaSsu_Diary, You got 'phished' not 'hacked'! Phishing is having your social media profile misused, probably when you signed up for a service

    @PaSsu_Diary, 1st step is change your password, then go to Settings>Applications and revoke access to suspicious apps. It happened to me too!

    Thanks Andrea!

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