12 September 2011

Thank you Dawa Knight

My blog began enjoying over 1000 page views per day since early last week even when I didn't add anything new. I just checked back and found that one post I wrote on September 11 last years was drawing in lots of American visitors. It was about how not to remember 9.11. Later yesterday I saw an unbelievable 3080 page views and it happened on September 11, 2011. I couldn't help announcing it on Blogyul, a Facebook page for Bhutanese bloggers. What happened next gave me even greater joy, a fellow blogger Dawa Knight gifted me a sketch of me and my daughter in appreciation for the massive hits.
Dawa Knight's Gift.
I would like to thank you Dawa for considering me worth for blackening your wonderful fingers. To the world it may mean nothing more than a sketch of an ordinary Bhutanese with his daughter but to me it mean the world. I would love to receive the original copy as you promised.
Screen shot from Blogyul


  1. How quickly u can write a world in your words and words in ur world. it is this vehement talent that gave u over 3000 pagevievers... Enjoyed it thoroughly!!

  2. Thank You sir for featuring me at your blog. I will send your original copy soon. I just sketched it to honor your page views la. It is a big thing for an Ordinary Bhutanese to get page views at that level la. Thank you once again. Good Night la. Take care.

  3. congrats sir......you deserved it........:)

  4. Its wonderful, a source of inspiration for Bhutanese bloggers, and what Dawa thought regarding the use of his inherent talent is highly appreciated.
    Congratulations Passu sir, n Dawa, not an exception.

  5. Wow, so many views huh? Grt. My total view is lesser than tht. :) ( I saw 1 view yesterday and zero most of the time LOL).Keep going.

  6. congrats sir, this gift is well deserved :))

  7. It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunihsne.



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