16 November 2011

Dear Daughter, you were wonderful today

You just slept. It took a long time, you were feeling strange, I know, it's your first day without milk in your entire life. But we could see you were trying so hard, you already finished over five bottles of orange juice by the time you closed your eyes. Thank you babe, for being such a nice girl today. You have always been so cooperative when it came to taking big steps in your life like the toilet training last week. We sat you on the potty one time and the next time you asked for it. These for many other kids proved to be very difficult and often painful but you are special.
My Daughter's Recent Picture
 There are 14 days left for your second birthday, which is when we had planned to quit breastfeeding you but today out of the blue your mummy excitedly shared with me what she has done to you in my absence- she applied soya sauce over her nipple and showed to you saying it's so painful. You looked at her with worried expression and asked her to cover it up. You then asked for bottle. By the time I came home for lunch you have already passed six hours test without milk. By then you were resolute, you were saying No even when you mummy teasingly tempted you.
Darling, we are very sorry to have done this on to you but you must understand that this has to be done one day or the other and it is always better to be done earlier. We were with you undergoing the same pain every minute today, trying to comfort you each time you were frustrated.
Babe, you have to know that you are the only lucky baby in whole of locality who had the luxury to suckling for entire first six months of your life without mixing with a drop of water. Your mother was very insistent on doing this so that you live a very healthy life. You are the storeroom of million surprises babe, for the last one month you constructed many sentences and even had your four new teeth. You have shown craze for technology, which I think I should control and of all the thing today you surprise us by being so nice, which we thought would be very difficult. Now you have climbed one stage up in your life, and thank you for making it so easy for us. Love you.


  1. Sir, you are so lucky to have a daughter like her. I share the same pain on her turning point of life and wish that she will be the great and wonderful lady in times to come as she has got a great icon...

  2. Dear Passu,

    I have come across very few people who seem unpretentious, clearly understanding that the simple things in life are the most important.

    Every time you post something on your blog or there is a tweet from you, every word echoes honesty and that is why it resonates so well with my own inner being.

    Thank you
    Chim Z

  3. Hey Passu, this post really inspires me to settle down right away. Very touching post. I hope like you, your family must be very proud to have you. Great one.

  4. very inspiring post....grew one degree more intense to have a family like sir's and feel the air of happiness thereafter....inspired me a lot!!!

  5. Just few days ago, I remembered about your daughter and was eager to hear about her as it has been quite long that sir didnt share a bit about her.
    Glad to learn that she has now reached such a stage where she can sustain without breast feeding and that she is coping up with adultery habits.
    Cheers to her.

  6. :).....sweeeeeet girl......and papa's daughter growing up bigger......the first step of learning independence starts frm not being breast fed anymore,,,,

  7. Interesting. You are living with your family in Bhutan, right? Do you mean most babies in Bhutan are not fully on their mother's milk? Surprising to me. I must have a different impression. BTW, I'm from S'pore...4 bf kids, with the youngest still bfdg at 3+yo.

  8. Thanks for your comments.
    Karmeleon, unless mother has complications every baby enjoys breast milk, some feed on breast milk for as long as 4 to 5 years but of late many working mothers find it difficult to adjust.

  9. Thanks for your clarification - interesting to know.


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