30 November 2011

My Daughter Becomes Two

On 29th November 9:29PM my daughter became 2. They say the height of a two year old multiplied by two will give their adult height. So I measured her the very minute she became two and found she's 87 cm tall, which means she will be 174 cm tall by the time she becomes 20- She is going to be 2 cm taller than me.
The long fearful wait for her teeth is finally over. I didn't count but there are enough teeth in her mouth now. Sometimes I regret shaving her head, even after five months her hair is not back, forget having thicker hair. Only her girlish outfit identifies her as a girl, and on many other occasions I had to correct strangers that my babe is a girl.
On her birthday, it's time to reflect on her two years among us, it's strange to realize that someone from nowhere comes into our lives and suddenly takes ownership of everything we ever had and we gladly give in. There were times my wife and I sit and talk about "if's": if our babe could sit up, if our babe could walk on her own, if our babe could talk... but later we realized that everything happens when it's time and there is so much joy in appreciating what she could do at the moment than thinking of what she can't do yet! My cousin became mother recently and she wishes if her babe could run around and play like my daughter, but I told her to enjoy her babe when she is still there on her lap and smiling because that moment is never going to come back.
For Memory!
What I don't like about my daughter is her mad love for technology. It was our fault, we tried to amuse her with some interactive games on iPad and now we are having it! Her favorite game is Angry Bird and she doesn't understand that it's not our favorite game and that we have many other works to do- she lets us play with her for hours and if we deny at any point she turns into Angry Bird herself. I am thoroughly beaten by my daughter- her punches and slaps are something I don't want to mess with.
She knows Youtube is for videos and my broadband accounts exhausts within a week from her Angry Bird commercial movies- I didn't know Angry birds was so popular until she took me there. Now she is also contributing to its popularity of billion views! 
Something My daughter loves!
Her second birthday was attended by my friends Ugyen and family, Juggu and Family, and Lop Tshering Gyeltshen over a small cake and dinner.


  1. though late but i too would like to wish happy birthday to her. and if it really happens the way sir said, she would be 2cms taller than me. i could see the joy in sir just going through this post over her growth....

  2. Happy Bday to your li'l one! Kids are god sent gift of love!I wish her eternity of happiness!

  3. Belated happy BirthDay to your cute daughter. May she grow taller not only in height but also in wisdom. Miss you all, sir Ugyen, Lop Tshering etc.

  4. happy belated birthday....hope your daughter and ur family hv wonderful days ahead,,,,:)

  5. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. God bless her!
    I love the line: it's strange to realize that someone from nowhere comes into our lives and suddenly takes ownership of everything we ever had and we gladly give in. :')
    And really angry birds? How many levels has she crossed? I could vaugely reach the 10th level. She is a going to be a big tech lover. :)

  6. Thank you all for the wishes.

    Dear Niyati, she is just two to make any sense out ofnthat game but she makes us play for her whilenshe watches. We finished all the levels that came free. But worse is her love of watching angry bird trailers on YouTube. Thanks for the wishes.

  7. Still a later wisher here, Happy Belated Birthday to your Daughter.
    Call me a kid, I do like playing the "angry birds" It is fun.

  8. Happy belated birthday to your daughter...


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