27 December 2011

Phuntsholing Youth and My Car

I was surprised when police didn't see the forest fire under the clear blue sky, but later today I was surprised no more- Phuntsholing police has too many thing to take care of. There wasn't a day I didn't see groups of youth swaying by road under the influence of some intoxicants. And today some of then crossed their limits on to my car. My poor already-injured car was peacefully parked alongside several others when a group of boys practiced their boxing skills on our side mirrors.
My wife and another car owner shouted from their windows only to get back all sorts of slang. I was in the class when my wife called me up, she informed me that the culprits were head in my direction and that I could track them down by the side of the Doti river.
The kids were totally senseless and one boy was bleeding badly from the cut he got from punching our mirrors. To my disbelieve there were two girls in same conditions making a show out of themselves on the road where hundreds were passing by. I asked myself, would I help these girls if they were raped? With the border so near, and so many warnings, I will never understand why these girls had to do this.
Three cars were broken and police was informed, the culprits were under my watchful eyes. By the time police arrived the two girls were gone- good for them, I can't imagine how their parents would feel if they were arrested. After a hard chase three boys were brought down, and thanks to them I got my mirror broken and now I have to waste my afternoon in police station giving statements.
The very moment I saw the mother of the bleeding boy my heart broke. I wished if the boy spared some of the money invested in his fashionable clothes on his mother's clothing too. Her pitiable condition and her begging eyes melted my anger into sorry. All three of us soon withdrew our case, which was to be done in writing. I went to the boy and requested him, "Please, never do anything that may bring your mother to police station- this is the last place they want to be.  We are withdrawing the case not because your crime is minor but because your mother has to take the punishment. She doesn't deserve this."
Other two parents looked ok but all their self esteem faded as they entered the office and they were literally on our feet. They may be some respectable people but thanks to their kids they had to bow to their knees before us.
Please watch where you kids are going and what they are doing during the holidays.


  1. Youth problem is becoming rampant in Bhutan. Sharing such a touching incidents can really help combat it. Really touching and useful piece la

  2. Sangay, if you are around in Pling at this time of the year you will see how wrong our kids are going. You really need a strong heart to survive in here, I am having tough time tolerating... I will be the happiest if my article helps even a single kid find his right path...

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  5. I can really feel the message of the story. You absolutely gave the best words of wisdom that the child will surely treasure. I hope that this kind of incident involving cars would not happen again.

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  6. There are really a lot of car accidents happen everyday. People need to learn from these incidents. In that way, they will be able to save their lives and the lives of their passengers. Anyway, I admire you for giving such great words to the child.

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  8. Enlighten a child through a great words will help them to become a good person someday. I hope adults would be a good role model to many children and help them to become more responsible.

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