13 December 2011

US Dollar Across to the Eastern Bhutan

Many Bhutanese like me must have excitedly waited for the completion of airports in Bumthang and Tashigang and I personally wanted to make my first trip to Tashigang by one of the domestic aircraft.  The long wait finally ends at the announcement of domestic airfares; looks like it was never meant for us. The airfare is not only insanely high for most Bhutanese but also proudly converted in US dollar. What meaning can you draw from a Bhutanese airline announcing its airfare to Bhutanese people in Bhutan in terms of US dollar?

Domestic Airlines in Bhutan
Seemingly the two airports were built for tourist and tourist alone, the shameless airfares show that the airlines only had tourists on their minds and never for once thought about the state of our own people. If the airfares are not revised to a reasonable level then I can see no other way than to stone the aircraft down from Dochula- after all it's not going to make a difference to Bhutanese lives.


  1. If this is for the tourist alone. This is so not fair.
    If the fair is made reasonable and if the affordable individual gets the opportunity then Good Luck and have a safe flight.

    But for the dreamers, their dream will remain as dream only and I bet people will start saving for the cause of flying in a plane rather than spending on necessities. Well, what can I say now? We just need to move on...

    Actually, nothing is fair and done!!!

  2. Journey from Thimphu to Tashi Yangtse cost me 850; precisely taking bus and having one night stop at Bumthang. But as the awaited aircraft landed Bhutanese soil for sheer money prospect; it would cost me 16750;...l Guess what?...
    These Operators can be called Devil Worshipers./...

  3. oh...sad to know that we have to pay in term of dollar. If the development within our country fail to benefit our people only than why should we call it our development. why should we be proud of having it when it is as foreign as it is in some other land. Hope they would look into us and revise it.....

  4. I would rather join you at Dochula sir. I have a catapult too, a strong one.

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  6. Dear PaSsu,

    Your anger and frustrations are so understandable.
    Greed has overtaken humanity, shamelessly.

    My heart goes out to you and the people of Bhutan.

  7. I think that the airfares are on higher side. I wish they could come up with reasonable rates for Bhutanese fellowmen. I am sure they will see to it soon.

  8. In a country of GNH, how can it be possible? Did the airliners gave a thought on this before the price were fixed. Seems many will watch those planes flying over them and derive satisfaction and flying can be a destination dream.


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