19 January 2012

Girl Who Found Her Way

These few months the news of youth going wrong never stopped taking the headlines. My month long stay in Phuntsholing gave me all the reason to worry about next generation of Bhutanese we are bringing up. From robbery to gang fights, drugs abuse to stabbing, lost of obedience to as far as homosexuality- they are leaving behind no bad stone unturned. I almost gave up all my hopes on them and just then I saw this 16 year old Yeshey Choden on Youtube, which gave me an insight into what is there beyond our eye and beyond the interest of Bhutanese media. Her magical voice and her very own lyrics held me stunned for a while. As I watch her fingers dance smoothly over the strings of her guitar I realized how guilty I was of those many assumptions.
While there are hundreds of kids who didn't find their purpose in life, and hundreds others who lost their purposes in the midst of influences but on the brighter side there are hundreds who found their way in life like Yeshey Choden. We just don't know about them because they are not put on the stage.

Update (2 Feb 2012): Yeshey Choden received an offer to sing for Yarkey Flim, on the recommendation of Bhutan Street Fashion.


  1. i too saw her on youtube the day i posted an article on youth related issue in Phuntsholing.i called all my family members to watch her play guitar and sing as well;...She is indeed a beautiful ray of hope in the ugly darkness of this generation!
    As always...great post sir!

    1. How soothing it was to watch her no? So much talent, and most importantly her talents reveled. Every child is born special, and she is such child who remained thankful to god.

  2. wow..! extremely beautiful talent...which is very rare in Bhutan.(multi-talented in the world of music) and more over she is really beautiful..haa haa...


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