17 January 2012

Why Everything Happens in Thimphu?

Night in Thimphu,   From  bhutanmajestictravel.com   
"Why everything happens in Thimphu?" was the question I often asked, sometimes in desperation, often in frustration and at times in sadness. Wherever our works begin it has to end in Thimphu, and without going there for umpteen times nothing gets done. From wherever the buses travel the road must end in Thimphu. Every taxi seems to head to Thimphu. All the offices operates from switches in Thimphu. Businesses find Thimphu favorable. All Jobs are in Thimphu. And therefore people move to Thimphu.
At one time we were scared of Thimphu, believing that the city spoils our children but now we know that Thimphu is scared of us because our kids are spoiling the city. Everybody wants to live in the city and nobody seems to take ownership of it, nobody cares about it. It's only now that I understand Thimphu is just an innocent little town who wants its dwellers to own her as their own. But the tragedy is that everybody just wants to use it.
So many stabbings, so many robbery, so many arrests, where are we taking Thimphu? It's amazing how much money is put on helping the youth, but the most amazing of all is the amount of effort kids put in running away from the helping hands. It's natural to be naughty at certain age but our kids have gone far beyond. They have lost their respect for humanity, they are out for kill and that was the last thing we were expecting from Bhutanese youth. There are more parents in Thimphu than Police, if every parent takes care of their child the problem won't be as grave. We have to be social police.
Why are these happening in Thimphu? The answer is in the question, because everything happens in Thimphu. It's time we realize that Thimphu is not the center of the earth, let there be limit to how much it can hold. Don't we have any other place for the IT Park? Are we still going ahead with the Medical College in Thimphu?
Thank god we don't have enough space in Thimphu, otherwise someday we might consider bringing all the Dzongs to Thimphu and make a Heritage Park there. Don't just Think from Thimphu, Think for Thimphu!


  1. Thoughtful post......:) It is quite sad and disheartening to know that all these are happening in Thimphu....lets do something so that it wont be too late.....

    1. What can we do? We can only put forth our thoughts. Keep yourself going, even when no one is listening.

  2. Nice article!!!
    As I was reading your article, few questions arise in my mind, how safe is our capital city to live???
    Recently I have read an article on Kuensel online about a 24-year-old graduate being stabbed by 44 years-old man. So from this, we (I) could make that, now it is not only problem with our youths but even with the adults too (or in general, all).
    Really, I get frustrated and sad to read many news about the someone stabbed by somebody or someone got beaten up by gangs and so on. I feel, it is not good to hear from a small peaceful Buddhist country.
    Thank you author for bringing up such issue, we hope concerned authority will hear our voice and do what needs to be done.

    1. Yes, that news was strange. But it confirmed one thing that we just can't go on blaming the kids! Now because of the fear many might sought to take defensive weapons, guess what! hunters will become hunted... crime will multiply... I am hopeful like you!

  3. Its sad that all these things are happening in Thimphu. It looks like the crime has escalated. Concerned citizens should gather together and do something about it.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Actually thing aren't so bad yet but for a community known for peace what is happening is hard to tolerate.
      But the bigger problem is our carefree Bhutanese nature, everybody leaves it for the police to take care of the things- "Concerned citizens should gather together and do something" is out of question here.

  4. "Bhutan is a peaceful country and everyone loves the way Bhutan is-without outdoor influence' This is what I normally answer the question to those of my new friends who has not even heard the name of our country. Honestly, sometimes the current deadly issues of murder, theft, rape,,etc wakens me to worry about 'peaceful and current dangerous issues' Even the thought of it brings me goosebumps.
    Pass sir, it is indeed true that it is the people that are changing and not the world.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. It's kind of funny to imagine the Herculean task of bringing all the Dzongs to Thimphu.....but you never know....
    A very tactical way to bring out a very serious issue of Thimphu being raped and abused time and time, over and over again....and the horrendous fact as we all know...WE end up doing it...
    Things need to change!
    Beautiful post Passu.

  6. Dear Passu, I think it is not fare enough to blame the city.. I am born and raised in Thimphu. And when i was 10years old, i know almost all the kids along the norzin lam, those who stay here and those who stroll the street. Now, its something different, i shake hand with only 2 to 3 people of my age when i walk along the norzin lam. I don't blame the city, neither the city authority, instead i think whatever is happening in thimphu has to do with the youths rushing towards Thimphu. They come here for a greener pasture, they find it but seldom appreciate it and do what they are meant to do. In your blog i see you pointing fingers to the parents. But the fact is that there are very few parents who stay with their sibling youth in Thimphu.
    Now coming to the solution. Government is doing enough, police with the strength constraint is doing enough. Now what the youth has to understand is that they have to change the mentality, mentality to accept the jobs they deserve, mentality to know what they ought to do at certain age. Drug, gang fights and other crimes are not due to a single or a simple cause. But it is to do with a wider cause, which can be attributed to raising of siblings, attitude at schools, curriculum at schools, motivations during the delicate youth phase and a role model to look upto.
    Today when i see around i hardly find any role model to look upto. Its disappointing.

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  8. I want to comment on police strength in Thimphu. Two months ago my blue book and license were stolen from my bike near Changankha School when I was attending a workshop on GNH. Till now no respond from police instead they gave a complaint copy to get the duplicates. I paid Nu 2500 to get those duplicates from RSTA.
    This incident happened at day time near a shop, shopkeeper (witness) can identify the culprit. I have visited two times that place and enquired about the culprits (two young boys completed class 12), but no enquiry or patrol from police side. Till date there is no improvement on this case, police officer gave his mobile number and asked the shopkeeper to inform about the boys. Now the case is in the hand of shopkeeper.
    This is what Thimphu city police !


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