31 May 2012

Life Changing Show: Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate

My Singaporean friends were surprised at my fluent Hindi, I surprised them most when I told them that majority of urban dwellers could speak better than me. Who wouldn't doubt we were immigrants from India but I explained that our homes were invaded by Indian TV Soaps, and even before we had TV the only cinema we knew was Bollywood.
Indian shows on TV are part of our lives and our choice of show defines our lives, and most importantly the lives of our children upon whom we enforce our choices. My cousins grew up watching my aunt's choice of family drama and I am not surprised by how their personalities are driven by those on screen.
Now is the time to switch our channel to something that will change our lives for better, and inspire dreams in our children rather than letting them learn how to fight their mother in-laws. If you were a fan of The Oprah Winfrey Show then you already have the best taste, and perhaps you must have been watching the show I am going to talk about.
Aamir Kham's Show on Star TV has a very difficult name- Satyamev Jayate but it's worth practicing because no one can help telling about the show to friends and family once you watch it. It's telecast at 11 AM (11:30 BST) every Sunday on Star World and Star Plus. The show has the power to change an individual, better a family, transform a culture, improve a system, and uplift a nation.
It makes me cry, it inspires me to be part of change, it motivates me to fight for good, it's the best show India has ever created. And the Magician Aamir Khan add five stars to the show. If Indian shows have entertained us so far, it's now time to get inspired and think of a better world.
Only four episodes have been shown so far (Click on the links to get the whole picture):

  1. Daughters Are Precious
  2. Break the Silence (About Sexual Abuse of Children)
  3. Marriage or Market Place
  4. Every Life is Precious ( About Health Care)
Dying to see what Aamir is going to bring up in the Fifth Issue, which will be on Sunday 3rd June at 11 AM (11:30 BST). Every episode ends with a heart breaking song and long after you walk away from the TV, the song echos in our soul. If this show doesn't change us then nothing else can.
If you are using iPhone (Click Here) and iPad (Click Here) you could download the StarPlus App from App Store and Watch the show live.


  1. Hi PaSsu,
    Thanks for sharing the info. I wasn't aware of this program until i saw it on your blog. By the way, I have been lately following your blog and I like the way you post issues on your blog which makes one sit back and reflect. You are doing a good job. Keep posting.

  2. Passu Sir,
    I am extremely happy to know that we Bhutanese are aware of Amir Khan's Tv show. As far as I know, as being abroad, many of my friends are unaware of such shows and I am always happy and more enthusiastic to share what I see and what I know and let the show prevail in every one's mind and change the present. For one reason, I love the Oprah's show and other reality shows.
    Out of excitement, I inboxed my friend in Bhutan to watch in TV and posted links to my abroad friends. I think, this show is really inspiring and mind awakening one. Amir is really doing a great Job.

    P,S, I am glad, the TV show is posted on YOUTUBE in HD quality :D

  3. Dear Karma, I am happy that I made you aware of the program, and I hope you will take the message forward. And thank you for following my blog, that means a lot to me.

  4. Yeesi, if we meet some day we could sit down and talk over the show for hours. I am gettin inspired each time I see Aamir.
    YouTube makes it very easy for us to watch the show if we have missed it- Sunday afternoon is bad time for the show, we are hardly home then..

  5. Dear Pasu,

    Don't forget that all Bhutanese are immigrants from India or some other countries.People from east are migrated from Arunachal Pradesh,People from south are from Nepal and West Bengal-India and westerners from Tibet.The very language,culture,tradition and our national dress are derived from Tibet.Though we don't accept it openly yet everyone know deep inside and history proves it.

    If I were you I would have told that Singaporean friends the truth and not lie,because one or the other way that friends will find out the truth one day.Just visit wikipedia.

  6. mimi, I know my family from last four generations and they all spoke Dzongkha. Even as a young boy I only spoke Dzongkha. Later after watching hundreds of Hindi movies I could speak Hindi fluently, and That's what I was tell. I wasn't talking about where we all came from. If we go back long enough we could find our roots in Mongolia, but we are Bhutanese now for centuries.
    Though it's out of the topic for now yet it wise to know that Wikipedia is good resource but it not written by god, it's people like you and I who writes it.

  7. http://www.firstpost.com/topic/person/aamir-khan-aamir-khan-satyamev-jayate-response-singapore-save-girl-chil-video-nPOZucE52Hs-5604-1.html

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