27 May 2012

Notable Bhutanese Cartoonists

Chimi R Namgyal of Bhutan Observer and WangChuk of Kuensel are the reasons I buy these two papers. Their cartoons are worth running from shop to shop even when I already know  the whole news content. These two guys have such intelligently funny brains and god know how their fingers understand the satire of their crazy thoughts. Their stories make hard stuffs easy to digest, or at least it seems. I wish to thank them for all the good times they works gave me.
Chimi R Namgyal's in Bhutan Observer

WangChuk's in Kuensel
If life would allow it, I wish to publish my book of short stories some day and I want to run after one of them to do the illustration of each story in their crazy ways. I love their witty fingers.


  1. Very true. I love their works too.

  2. Qinza, I would like to see your works in papers too.
    If anyone knows the email addresses of the two cartoonists, please share it with me.

  3. i have collection of those cartoons torn from the papers......so i m not only the one who likes those cartoons mo......hehe


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