10 July 2012

Bangkok Diary

Bangkok excitement held us week before but it nearly died when the flight was delayed for four hours. While the rest of the passengers were making hundreds of calls me and my daughter took the liberty to think of the boarding room as our bedroom.
Good Night at Airport
My daughter screamed all her first-time-flying excitement when we finally boarded the plane, she drew lot of attention. She drew more attention when she denied the seat belt. It took three air hostesses and all their management skills to belt my daughter on to me while taking off. We had economy class tickets, but we're seated in business class, yes the place where everybody does their business- near the lavatory. My daughter kept me and an air hostess busy at all times. After a while her flying excitement died and wanted to go out, and we were over clouds to listen to her demand.

I should have asked for standing ticket for my daughter. She never used her seat.
We landed in Dhaka, where my girl badly wanted to go out, and I took her to toilet every time she asked to go out. we set the record of highest toilet visitor on the flight.
At Suvarnabhumi Airport we had to get our visa on arrival, because we were late in applying at Thimphu which could have saved lot of time here. Nu.500 more in Thimphu for express service seemed too much for me who have lot of time to spare but forgot to consider my daughter's mood. She became very difficult and cried the loudest in Suvarnabhumi airport. Her magic worked here as well, her super high pitch cry earned us the place at the top of the long queue. Very systematic Thai service has room for consideration that won our heart right at the gate to Thailand.
Hippi,at the Hotel Finally! 

17 floor above the ground for the first time. Pullman Hotel.
Enjoying the Height
Out of the Baggage. Economiest Class lol

Thaitanic Pose
I always wanted to travel in a boat and in Bangkok you don't have to wait long. We took a family boat and went as far as and as long as we wanted.
Fishing Family
Angry Bird at all times
One place I can't take my daughter away is from the swimming pool. If we are to divide the time between her swimming time and rest of the activities in Bangkok, it would be even. Even as I am blogging my wife is struggling to get her out of the pool.
Her Chill out time, the only chill out place


  1. hope you had memorable trip ......... well captured pics

  2. looks like one nice vacation.cheers passu.:)

  3. when did you come to Bangkok? I didnt know that you were here in Bangkok. I would have come to see you if you had at least informed me via facebook. Anyways, it seems like you had a wonderful time here.

    1. I wish I remembered u were here before I came here. But I m doing well and having good time. Two more days and I will be gone. Thanks for concerning. Keep in touch.

  4. oh enjoy man.......! Is this sponsored by HM ?
    nice photos........!
    Have a good stay there!

  5. Bkk is an ideal place for vacation and looks like you guys had a good time boating, swimming and touring BKK.

    Your daughter is so cute.


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