28 July 2012

Maths Teacher at The Fuel Pump

I have various stories of myself at the fuel pump, and in the last many stories I was either the clown who ran on empty tank to the empty pump, or the villain who shouted at the manager who thought he had nothing to do with the empty pump. But this time I didn't switch my role, I remained a teacher- a Maths teacher.
I don't know if you are used to keeping your investigative eyes on the fuel meter while fueling your car, because there are pump boys who are out looking for chances to steal a few drops from your purchase. You have to be extra careful while fueling at the stations where the old model pumps are still serving after their retirement age because you don't see the price and the rate.
I was at a Fuel Station in Paro this morning and I was already displeased at the old machine. I asked to be fueled for Nu.1000 and the boy stopped at 14.4 L. I thought his machine needed a break but no, the boy was done.
I just fueled in Wangdue yesterday and argued over why I was only given 15.2L when I would get 16L normally. I was informed about the latest price hike. It's surprising how a faintest news of hike in India could be taken so seriously and swiftly in a place where the hiked fuel trucks are yet to arrive.
The boy came for the money and I denied him, I inquired him about the rate and he started stammering and changing colors. I knew it wasn't a mistake, he was only trying to rob a little bit from me just as he did from many others, but this time he messed with a maths teacher who not only teaches his kids how to do maths but also live mathematically. I gave him a short division lesson and made him add 800ml more, which was rightfully mine before I gave him the money.
Now, it doesn't really take a maths teacher to figure out such simple robbery, your mobile phone has a calculator in it in case you have to stop at a gas station where they use old machines that do not show the cost. Every drop counts in such times and 800 ml is more than some drops. Be careful.

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  1. Passu Sir, Price hike is assassinating people's mind.
    I had this mixed feeling of wanting to laugh and simultaneously getting serious about the price hike. Interesting narration.

    1. We don't have a market analyst, and it's good we don't have otherwise people would go crazy over the insane hikes...many are ignorant and therefore at peace...but price of daily glossary items have gone up by 100%, fuel is a joke.
      We are soon going to see lot of shopliftings...:D

  2. I had been duped many a times at Lobesa, Wangdue where they still use the old pump :( and had bargained several times as well cause I am too bad at maths :(.
    Now I shall follow ur advice, thnx!:D

    1. O dont talk about Lobesa, that's where I lost my cool most of them time. One time I literally ragged the pump and the pump boy and you know what i could draw 8 L from the empty pump, forcefully. It happens slowly, and they say it could contain impurities but I didn't have time to think about anything.
      Use Calculator lol

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