29 November 2012

My Daughter Becomes 3

The Attitude Pose- Nov 2012
This day in 2009 was a Sunday and Kezang knew our child was going to come ahead of due date. We went to Sunday market in the morning, then to town to prepare for the new member in the family. She cooked for us and packed stuffs for the hospital and by 9 PM our child made a loud entry into this world. It was a daughter.
The excitement of becoming father didn't die in these three years, often I look at my little girl and exclaim, 'wow, I am a father', and that good feeling brings lot of energy. Becoming father was the beginning of becoming a better man, it was another chance in life to look at the world through an innocent eye. The next phase of me was born with my daughter and we grew together.
She is growing into a beautiful girl like her mother, and everybody is happy that she didn't resemble me but I have more than one ugly part; I was the naughtiest and wildest child ever born in my family. Therefore I am never angry with my daughter though she is turning into something Kezang can't believe. Kezang only heard about my childhood, now she is getting to see me through our child.

Miss Bhutan Pose!
Apart from being extremely naughty, my daughter is very smart with technology. She can amaze people with how she can play around with iPad since she was two. Now she is more on YouTube and surprising us with her new crying, screaming, talking and punching styles. She can already run us down from ABC to Z, and 123 till somewhere less than 20. She spends much of her time on either movies on computer or on YouTube. She is very fond of singing and recording her own performances on camera. One thing that makes her even more special is her ability to sing Zhundra. The only song my mother taught me was Naychoe Dongkala, which I sang to my daughter when putting her to sleep. Amazingly she caught not only the tune but also the entire lyrics of the classic song. She would sing that in karaoke and other public places because she knows that gains her lot of attention which she enjoys.
The down side of having a tech-loving daughter is having to spare half of the computer screen for her movie. She is never enough with 'The Gods Must be Crazy' series. I had to reschedule all my works just to make room for my daughter but she leaves me not a single hour of peace, thus I wait till midnight, which is when she finally sleeps, and wake early in the morning to buy myself some extra hours.

We sit on same computer(Ninzi's Half- PaSsu's Half)
She loves going to birthday parties, but she thinks she has the right to blow the candles on any birthday cakes. Part of being a father is fighting with other kids to get pink balloons for my daughter in all the birthday parties. But tonight she will have a cake of her own with candles she can blow and pink balloons she can have without her father having to fight for it.
Happy Birthday Darling, you are three now!


  1. wish your daughter a very very happy birthday......she is lucky to have a dad like you,sir.
    may all of you be blessed all the time...

  2. I feel so happy to see you becoming delighted by your daughter. She looks beautiful, charming. And here, I wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I pray that she would also become wiser, kind and happy like her dad. Good life ahead!

  3. Wish your daughter Happy Birthday!!! :) Wish her happy always!!! Have a great party tonight :)

  4. Wish your daughter a very Happy Birth day Passu sir.
    May she becomes even more wiser and better human..:)

  5. Happy birthday to your chunu munu daughter...and a big MUAH...

  6. Wai Passu,

    Pass her my warm and happy birthday greetings.....She looks beautiful and I hope she remains that way as she grows...

  7. Though i am late i wont miss this chance to wish ur cutey a happy birthday. May u grow up to be a lady every parent want their daughter to be. I want her to feel loved not only by her lucky dad but us 2 when she reads this sometimes in her future.haha. HBD dear.

  8. Thank you friends for all the wishes you have sent for my daughter. It's so nice of you to understand how much happy I am about my daughter and to spare you time to comment on this post.
    Ninzi won't understand what you guys wrote now, but when she grows up I will show her your comments:
    @Ugyen Dechen, good daughter,
    @Kuenzang(PSN)Another loving father,
    @Tshering- Loving Mother,
    @Tshewang Gyeltshen- good son,
    @Overcome,- big family woman,
    @Sonam Yangdon-another lucky daughter.
    and @Riku- the bachelor(lol)

  9. It's one of the most beautiful pieces I have read. It was heart warming. Happy belated birthday to Kesang.

  10. Thanks Nobu, but Kezang is my wife and my daughters name is Ninzi Tshomo.

  11. Oh sorry, Happy belated birthday to Ninzi from uncle Nobu.

  12. Too late!
    Anyways, Happy Belated birthday to your Daughter. I wish her to grow brighter and loveable :D

  13. yeesi, you are never late to wish her, she needs wishes every day of her life. Thanks for the kind words!


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