21 December 2012

Letter to my Class XI IT Students

Dear Kinley Dorji, Thinley Jamtsho, Pema Dorji, Tenzin Jamtsho, Nim Dorji, Tashi Dorji, Purni Maya, and Karma Dema, (See in picture)
I hope all eight of you received the message I passed around on 18 December. It was about your winter IT assignment. I wanted to meet you personally to discuss this topic for your winter assignment but by the time I knew some of you were long gone after taking your results.
The topic is not quite from your syllabus but by now you must have realized it too that your Computer Studies syllabus is highly traditional, and unsuitable for our age and time. Therefore, I want you to create a personal blog each and keep record of your winter activities in it. Your blog is the first thing I wish to see when you rejoin the school next year in XII.

Where is Pema Dorji? 2011 XI IT Students!
I don't know if you have read this news report: "Computer students unable to find jobs in Bhutan" in The Bhutanese newspaper last week(?) but I wasn't surprised at all. I only hope you are not discouraged.

to be continued still...


  1. Somebody said “Encourage your kids because you have no idea what they are truly capable of.” I really appreciate your hearty inspirations, your encouragement to your students through your letter while inspiring us through your blog. I wish all your students the very best of luck for their winter assignment.... Thank you Passu sir. You have always been very encouraging...

  2. This is too stupid of me to comment on your post, for it is perhaps a year or so after you have actually posted this in your blog. But, in would still like to leave a few lines about the thoughts that crept into my mind as i read this great letter of yours to the students. In this age how many people are there who really care for their duty once out of the duty room? sir's great attitude towards building your students as good bloggers is really great....i salute

  3. Brings back good memories with you sir. Missing those days in the school and the fun we had making up those social media signboard.
    lots of love.
    missing your teaching sir.

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