22 February 2013

Photo Gallery for Blog

Did you wish you could have a photo gallery for your blog? I mean the dynamic type? I spent good amount of time figuring out how to create one for my blog like the ones good websites have. It's not hard after all. It doesn't take an expert to work on it.
I experimented the discovery in the following two:
  1. PaSsu Diary Photo Gallery
  2. Bhutan Crown Adventure Blog
I love to share how I did it, in case you loved it and wish to have one for your blog; Go to QuickGallery. If you are good with internet you can already follow the 3 steps given on the website and carry on.
  1. Create an account on Quick Gallery
  2. Select your pictures (an album on Facebook,Google Picasa, Instagram or Flicker)
  3. Choose the Gallery Design 
  4. Copy the code generated and paste it as a post on your blog (in the HTML tab)
If you have further question, leave it in my comment box. I will answer it as quickly as possible!


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