05 August 2013

Picture of a Bhutanese Woman

In 1986, my cousin's wife recollects, she was asked by a western photographer to remove her tego and pose for him with her jewellery shown, during Paro Tshechu. Many years later someone came with a magazine cover with her picture on it. I don't know if it's the name of a Magazine-Arcarama 86. She was sixteen then. She has preserved the picture and can be seen on her wall even today.
24 years later another photographer, this time a Bhutanese professional photographer, got a shot of her during the same festival in Paro. I know it's by Yeshey Dorji because I saw the picture on his blog. I even printed a copy and given it to her. Recently when I visited my cousin, his wife was showing me a book in which her picture has been published.
So, I was wondering if there is something special in her looks that captivates the keen eyes of photographers and perhaps to them she is a picture of a native Bhutanese woman.

She still regrets her inability to go to school because of her grandmother but her passion has taught her to be a weaver, tailor, business woman, and a wonderful mother. 


  1. Zai Pasu sir..... I just wonder where do you get many creative ideas to do things which others don't think about....i really adore you by the way you create and do things.....
    Ya it was so beautiful and i am proud of her capabilities for who she is today rather just an uneducated woman...

  2. Great post with a special content. True Bhutanese women depicted irrespective of time.

  3. very inspiring and yes i can see the very same ornaments shes wearing...


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