03 September 2013

Haa Bomb Disposal Tragedy

Who would have imagined so many Bhutanese soldiers being killed by bomb in the peaceful land where not a single bomb was ever dropped in the name of war. Therefore we are all equally unprepared for the devastating news yesterday. It breaks my heart to think of what must be going on among the bereaved families. I join the nation in prayer. May the families find strength to overcome the tragedy.

Injured being Air lifted. Photo by Haa MP Kinley Om.
Bomb disposal operation seems to a very fragile process going by the online archive on the huge number of accidents across the world, including the countries where people know bombs like the back of their palm. Our squad must have dealt with it with utmost caution but it was unfortunate that the accident happened. It was a very expensive lesson for peaceful nation of ours but we must face the reality that bomb is neither good in war nor in peace. I pray may we never have to see another such day.

Long Live the King, Long Live Peace.


  1. Such a tragic accident. My thoughts and prayers to the bereaved family.

  2. i join you in prayers.
    and thanks for the encouragement/push. will try to make it three stories in a month. Thanks Passa Tsheri

  3. That is nothing , need to have more in Bhutan.


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