25 September 2013

Bloggers Around Bonfire

I extended 'Bloggers Meet in Thimphu' invitation to 1156 members in Blogyul (The Facebook Page for Bhutanese Bloggers), of which I assumed at least 100 to be based in Thimphu. Amazing 40 members said they were coming for the event on 23rd September. I was still in Wangdue when this event was planned but I counted on Riku, Ngawang and Sogyel to work on it and they actually made it precisely the way I romanticized- outdoor with bonfire.

It was unfortunately Monday night but Rima Reyka, Singaporean Blogger who is in love with Bhutan, has always looked forward to this day and I thought passion will surpass the timing. But I was badly betrayed when only eight of us gathered. Mr.JJ, another Singaporean blogger, was my guest to the event and that made two of them from Singapore.
From Left: Riku, Sogyel, Nawang, Rima, PaSsu, Tshering C Dorji, JJ and Dema. Kunzang Thinley(PSN) was Cameraman.
Tshering C Dorji, the writer of 'Shadow Around the Lamp' and 'Living the Bhutanese Way' paid us a surprised visit, all the way from Phuntsholing. He made the evening so much fun ;) and the story related it is exclusive to the attendees.
Dema Yangzom, the youngest among us made it to her debut bloggers meet. Her presence touched me to the depth. We didn't allow her to drink because she was still considered underage ;) but I don't know what happened later...
Kuenzang Thinley (PSN) drove 59 Km from Paro, after office, only to meet us. He is a father of three daughters and still found time and meaning in attending this gathering. I was reminded of the first Blogger Meet I attended in 2010 driving 75 Km from Wangdue. It's all about passion, and I will always cherish Kunzang's presence. 
From Left: Tshering C Dorji, PaSsu, JJ, Dema Yangzom, Sogyel, Kuenzang Thinley(PSN), Rima, Nawang
Photo by Riku
The remaining four of us where the hosts and we have met often in the past and I am sure we will always work together to organize such events- once beaten twice try.

Bloggers Who Attended (Click on the Names to go to their Blogs)
  1. Rima Reyka
  2. Nawang Phuntsho (Penstar)
  3. Sogyel Tobgyel
  4. Riku Dhan Subba
  5. Dema Yangzom
  6. Yee Jenn Jong (JJ)
  7. Tshering C Dorji
  8. Kuenzang Thinley (PSN)
  9. PaSsu


  1. Thank you PaSsu for that wonderful night. It is always fun to meet fellow bloggers and end up talking on many things. But most of important of all - having fun and meeting new people every meet! We need to do this quite often!

  2. Had it been on a weekends, :(

  3. I'm ur big fan, Passu Sir.. I felt like I was dreaming.... though i have stopped blogging ..I just came to see u... but to my surprise other great blogger were also present ....rele had a nice time wid u all. .. Thank U!

  4. So Dema ....What happened later.....?

  5. haha...Later... Special Courier +Coke = Happy Dema .... hehe

  6. he he @Dema... can't help laughing...
    I would have been present if I am in Bhutan. Hoping to see u guys next time.

  7. i didnot know that Dema had SC later with coke...:)

    It was a pleasure meeting Rima, JJ, tshering Sir, and other friends. And it was a wonderful evening...bonfire in meeting city...:)

  8. Sogyel...how was your door in the morning.....I hope no thief entered your apartment after i left......by the way thank you for being my host......I enjoyed the TV program in your sitting room......

  9. Passu,
    I am regretting now. I didn't know about it. Next time, I am in.

  10. Yeah. Next time for sure. I will be in the picture :)

  11. It was such a evening and if we had more it would have been greater.
    We are sure going to keep this culture of meeting alive and those who didn't make it should make up next time.

    Dema, thanks for coming. I remember what happen later and I also know who served you ha ah ah
    Yeesi, Lets meet as soon as you are back to Bhutan.
    Kezang Dawa, How come you didn't know. I sent you invitation on Facebook.
    Lethro, I know the timing was odd. The next meet will be on a saturday so that we can sleep on sunday morning.
    Sogyel and Kunzang should share the door story to us next time.

    Nawang, thanks to you actually. You made it possible with Riku and Sogyel.

  12. @peldhen sonam nima...pleasure is mine sir..and the door is safe..:P

  13. It was fun meeting all of u. I didnt know you guys were that crazy. . But I didntt see dema drinking even coke. I remember her drinking a couple of cups of tea.

  14. It's my pleasure to meet all of you too guys!!! You had made my dreams coming true :) I guessed it was the alcohol effect that made all of us crazy ;P

  15. looking forward to such meets in winter, as i will be on vacation and will be around!!

  16. @Riku ...This is my hidden talent...haha :)


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