11 April 2014

School Diary with a Difference

You could sense my fascination for diary just by going through this blog-PaSsu Diary. I have tried pulling as many people around me into blogging; to tell their stories, to archive events in their lifetime and to make differences. Over 20 students started blogging along with me last year and since the same club continues despite not having me on board I hope there will be more this year.

While blogging is not easily possible with every students we have introduced school diary for students since last year. My friend Ugyen Tshering and I worked on it to stress on the importance of letting students know how their character certificates are rated and to record the evidences of their contributions in the school.

Diary 2014 and beyond
That wasn't just enough. School Diaries are generally boring and so was ours. This year I have revised it to make it work like a real diary, that has spaces to put every little thing and that can work like a guide book for living.

Therefore, the diary has more than bio-data; it has a page title "Know Me Deeper and Better" where children can pen down their dreams, their skills, their values, etc that are not written on the face.
The diary has the SUPW rating and Character Certificate rating rubrics to help them work on them. That is followed by six pages of "Record of Conduct", where they can gather evidences of their contributions in school.
The diary has empty event calendar and timetable for them to fill. It's empty so that the diary can be timeless. It can used this year and beyond. It has six pages for "To do list" for students to work on organizing and managing time.
Sample Pages of Content of the Diary
 The Diary has Leave Chart that has space for both parents and teacher to sign so that no child wanders between home and school.
There are ten "Books I read" slots and we are expecting that every child to read at least read and write a short review on ten books.
There are 100 lines to note "One good deed I have done today" and there is no marking for that yet they are made to understand that there are few things in life that need not be rated. Right after that we have twenty pages of prayer, which is the standard school prayer book. There is no need for separate prayer book, and having the prayer in their diary makes the book sacred therefore regarded highly.
Sample pages of different contents 
This is personally my first publication, I worked on it from the first word till it reached the hands of my student, and I wanted the best diary ever. I bargained on the price with the printing press and they supplemented my bargain on the paper quality. I think I will never print with them again.  Today, the diary was launched and I gave a thorough orientation as if it was a novel I wrote.

*I am willing to share the PDF. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


  1. Great work PaSsu. The diary you have designed for your school is indeed 'with a difference'. I have referred many school diaries but I have never come across one like your's. Here in my school we call it .'Student Handbook'. It serves two purposes. 1. Policy document (discipline policy, admission policy, promotion policy, etc) 2. Student conduct record. It also has the character certificate rating rubric. This year I was given the task of improving the handbook. I worked painstakingly on the content. Adding and deleting. On the layout. And making it typo free.

    I would love to read your school diary. Could you share the PDF? Thank you.

  2. Congrats Passu! I was really amazed to see this school diary that you and you friend have initiated yesterday in Bajo. It's quite different, and I hope lots other schools would adopt this diary. Have a good time out there.

  3. Wow these year I would say I felt in love with school diary and now being a student holding one of those diary I feel like getting it filled up with all the work and even if it is not full I would initiate to do more work.
    Apart from its view the school diary that we have these year does all the work for a student who all are interested in using electronic gadgets because all the feature of a ipad as an example is present in the diary just that there is no music, video player and camera.
    Loved the diary so much that these days I don't even feel like coming home after school just want to be in the school 24 hours.
    thanks to all the teachers who have put your hard work in making the diary such a successful one.

  4. @Tshewang Rabgay, I have added the link to download. Please down load at your will. Happy to know you are doing it too. If you have something that I should consider please let me know.
    @Riku, it was nice to have you here on the day.
    @Chida, happy to know you are liking it!

  5. I couldn't find the download link.

  6. Sorry Tshewang. Check now.


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