31 August 2014

Face of Buddha

It's my seventh year in Wangdue and I have lived it well. I have considered it my home. I have explored so many corners of this place and wrote so many stories. There are places I should have been to but I have no regrets because I haven't spared the ones around me.

However, after all these years, and all these stories I wasn't ready to accept that I had missed on a very special landmark. It was right there for anybody to see, large and distinct and unbelievably very close. It's an image of Lord Buddha's face formed out of natural rock, not even carved. I don't understand how this has not become a sacred place, when people are ready to accept a hole on the rock as Khandrum's buga or Guru's footprint.

The Buddha Face rock is located on the elephant shaped hill on which the Wangdue Dzong is built. The face is distinctly visible from across the river, anywhere between the Wangdue Bridge and the Damchen Fuel Pump.
The location of Buddha Face (Not exact but somewhere very close) 
 The special rock could be an amazing geographical accident, but accidentally it could have looked like anything else but Buddha's Face. There are lots of rock we worship that are naturally intriguing and there are other man made places that are equally overwhelming. I have been very selective in appreciating those places but when I saw this rock I could not believe it. It's so authentic. It can't for for nothing.
You don't even have to believe to see it!
I don't know how it looks close up because I haven't been right there though it's accessible by foot, the foot paths are running all around it. But from across the river it's nothing less than the calm face of Buddha. I don't understand how this place is not recognized as one of the holy Buddhist sites, though some people already knew about it. I went to verify after I saw a picture in my friend Yam Rinzi's mobile. Only after seeing it for myself, and getting convinced beyond all doubt I dared to blog about it.

Disclaimer: I am NOT the first person to see it.


  1. Very intriguing indeed and you have spotted it right on. I would love to see how it looks up close. Nice observation, PaSsu.

  2. Oh wow! That is something really amazing, ! I have stayed in Wangdue all my life and passed through that very spot what seems like millionths of time, but never was that observant, ! Next time I am sure to have a close watch, can't wait to see it for myself!
    Thank you for the information sir!

  3. You are very observant, Passu sir. This is one interesting and important discovery you made in Wangdue. In fact, you contribute much to Wangdue, the place you live, through your writings. You should be called the Ruskin Bond of Wangdue.

  4. Passu sir, what an observation. I have traveled Gelephug via Wangdue several times, but never heard of it keep aside seeing the holy site that you had observed. It's really tempting site and your photography did it wonderfully. I would love to visit and observe it. Thanks.

  5. Interesting post and thanks for the map. Will check it out the next time I'm in wangdue.

    I've been enjoying reading your blogs. Thanks.


  6. Hi Pasang Sir, what a wonderful discovery! Such a lovely story. I wonder how such a sacred place has escaped the eyes of our historians. Keep up the good work, Sir, and continue to inspire us la.

  7. This is extraordinary and fascinating. Keep exploring and write us more. Good luck for the next adventure sir.

  8. Wonderful sir. I felt the same joy. I infect shared your joy...

  9. Sometimes we forget to appreciate what's right under our nose. Definitely checking out the next time I'm at Wangdue. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow Passu!!! It looks like an ancient buddha statue being discovered after it has been under the ground for a very long time. gotta check it out myself.

  11. Its amazing sir..i never saw that when i was in wangdue and i would love to visit there someday. Thank you sir for sharing!!!!


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