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08 October 2013

Adventure of Coming on BBS

It quite sound like fun coming on national television but for me I had surrendered to live with my camera-fear and declined numerous requests to participate in panel discussions before.
On Air.
This time, however, I had to keep aside my fear for many reasons; there were a few important people counting on me, I also had to do justice to the dedicated reporter who was working very hard for this program and most of all for Rigsum Sherig Collection itself, the cause I truly believed in.

Agreeing to come on the show was the first thing, next step was trying hundred ways to escape it. When I found no excuse in this world I began wishing for something to happen at BBS studio that could force them to stop the show. Well that’s it, there was no way out. I couldn't sallow a piece of best fried chicken at the dinner I was supposed to enjoy with my friends. It broke my heart to leave the special dinner and whiskey untouched.

On my way to BBS studio, I tried answering to some imaginary questions in pure Dzongkha. I sounded so fake that I stopped the car immediately. I didn't want to chicken out of it but I also didn't want to clown on national television. Suddenly the teacher in me came out and told me to relax and do it the way I do every day with my students. Why didn't I remember that?

At the studio Sherab Zangmo, the producer of the show was waiting. She was so much at ease when I was almost shitting in my pants. She sent me with another lady to the makeup room- yes makeup, after all you are going before camera. I was given a light ‘touch up’, many things were happening for the first time in my life that night.

I was finally on the BBS set with Karma Dorji, the man I always saw on TV and once I was there I felt very relaxed; after all there were only two cameramen watching was literally. I explored the set, the place from where the news was telecast everyday. I looked at everything, the paper in front of the new reader is just a copy of what is appearing on the screen and we could see ourselves on another screen. I was like a little boy in a toy shop.
After the show with Beautiful Namgay Zam
Later during the English News Hour with Namgay Zam, I was calm and experienced though I still had to struggle for words and end up with 'actually' (All four of us used 'actually' generously but I believe I used it the most.). We have known each other on Twitter but meeting for the first time in her 'comfort zone'. Surprisingly even Boaz and Namgay were meeting for the first time though they live in the same small city. Because I was by then an hour more experienced than Boaz and I enjoyed his nervousness. Perhaps Namgay must have enjoyed the best bullying two of us in her territory. But it was all worth it, and (Namgay, meeting you was the icing on the cake)

All thanks to Boaz, who gave me the inspiration and courage to fight my fear. Thanks Rigsum for giving us Sherig Collection, and Thanks Sherab Zangmo for the show and momo, which I could eat though.