23 December 2009

The Answer to My Quiz!

I am really surprised you all could pin point the spot. I don't know if Lobxang used his common sense or he actually saw it when he was here. But Tongyal is cheating. Youngten L Tharchen is very specific when he said "below Thinleygang", of course the whole area is Thinleygang but we often associate a town to a place.

And thanks Ma'am Loh but you know Google can't help trace a place in Bhutan. I had to correct many locations on Google Earth. Anyway thanks. It's about 30 km down Dochula to Wangdue.


  1. The Prize would go to LOBXANG if there was any, ha ha ha . Someone suggested I should allow the winner free access to my playstation palour but LOBXANG is in New York...

    Anyway, enjoy my intention!


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