29 December 2009

My Daughter's Page I

After becoming father washing diapers became more important than blogging, in case some of you wonder why I didn't write for sometime. My daughter doesn't have a name yet; I wanted to call her Deki Tshomo, but her mother thinks Deki is not a lucky name (she happened to see that in life) she rather choses Ninzey Tshomo and today my mother registered her in census as Kezang Choden, since her birth certificate carries no name.

By 9:09 PM today my daughter will be one month old. This first one month she has been a very good girl. She is not too demanding, she rarely cries at night and she gives us an occasional smile. Her good health is our biggest assert and I am grateful to god.

Tomorrow she will go to Yangthang for the first time. She will meet her little Aunty Pema Yangchen and reunite with her grandmother.


  1. Fathers like you make me re-think about men and reduce my dislike for men in general. Keep up your good parental spirit and thumbs up!

  2. Keep it up your good fatherhood! Yes, first thing first. So you are absolutely correct to give the priority to your well growing up daughter!
    Best luck with growing and bringing up your daughter and, of course, Happy New 2010!

  3. That's just the beginning, Passu. You will realize the beauty of having daughters when they start bringing in their boyfriends. Or when you try to ask them to avoid guys that you feel are not good enough for them.But they don't listen to you.
    The question is: Did you listen, when your parents told you not to see the girl they didn't approve?
    So, they are here. It is our duty to do the best. Leave the rest to them. That's what our parents did.

    Most important, Congratulations. Having a daughter is a lovely journey.My personal experience is that you can confide, as a father, more easily to them than to the sons.
    That's why I love them. Besides, I am also a son of my grand father's daughter.

  4. Kezang Choden is a nice name. I have a sister by that name :)I like the names thought of by you two as well. She's a lovely baby.

  5. I do not mean to be gender biased, but I prayed that my first child would be a daughter and my prayers were answered. Today, my daughter is 21 and I can say with a great sense of pride that I am given no reason to regret that I prayed for a daughter. Yes, she has a boyfriend (which I had never imagined she would given her reserved nature and disinterest in boys), but I am amazed at the decency and maturity with which they handle their relationship. I'm proud of my daughter and I pray to hear the same from you, Passang, about your daughter. How old will I be then, if I live that long? About seventy.....gosh!

  6. Happy New Year friends. It is the greatest New year day in my life with a daughter, with snowfall and being in Yangthang with my mother!

    Youngten, bringing up a daughter might be a challenge but I would love to take it. Thanks for the wishes. I know experienced parents like KB sir and Tshering would lead me through ... of course I have already ordered an iron underwear that can be locked and I can keep the key...ha ha ha...seriously I may have to ask for help someday in life...be ready.

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  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!U seem totally blessed already

  9. hi..congratulations!!!!

  10. Hi Passang, it was nice meeting you in Singapore. Your daughter's lovely! I will post you the news article when it comes out, most likely next Saturday. Take care and keep in touch!


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