05 December 2009

Exam Duty in Thinleygang

Thinleygang is a beautiful place hidden under dull weather these days. It's not very cold like Thimphu and not windy like Wangdue. Am I not lucky to get invigilation duty here? I am luckier still for having just afternoon exams since it's a middle secondary school.

As I sit in a corner and watch the children write their exam I see some restless kids launching their searching eyes onto other's papers and making different faces and signs. What they don't know is that they are invigilated by a vigilant man, who had come through the thicket of such tricks. But they should know that I am not here to spy on them and catch them red-handed and kick them out of exam hall (like many people believe) I am here to make sure that each child gets fair chance to write their exam, I am here to give each child the silence they need to concentrate on their paper, I am here to protect them from any sort of harm while writing their exam, I am here to serve any need they might require (of course not in giving them answers) and I am here to make sure that each of their answer script reaches the marking center. But who appreciates our presence at all?


  1. One thing about me is that I have developed 'duty phobia' over the years of doing duty and being dutiful. Among the duties, invigilation has been the most boring experience for me. The duty of the examinees is to write their examination, but they overstep their duty and peep into others' business (looking for chances to copy). The duty of the invigilator gets dirtier by the minute, when the examinees are increasingly conscious of the ticking time and finally realize they have very little time left but a lot more answers to complete and no clue as to what to write. I honestly hate anything to do with duty. I'd rather do something because it is my responsibility.

  2. Some people ask me if i have ever caught anyone cheating in exam and sent them out...I tell them I never caught one so far, just because I catch them before they cheat at all and thus they never get to cheat only...

    We don't have to wait until the problem comes, we can do things in such a way that there remains no room for problems to come!

    Thanks Tshering for the comment. But I love the duty because it pays me enough!

  3. I believe and am sure you are doing your job ethically and dutifully correct. Invigilators should be there to make students understand questions if there were any misinterpretation in questions. Its to make examination fair for all students that some crooked do not get away with cheating on some industrious ones.

    Yes, I like what you are doing, i.e, preventing students from cheating beforehand. Keep up the good work!

    Good days ahead!

  4. Good work PaSsu. Seems you are doing your duties well. You might have to be considerate sometimes though, you know, we are all humans. Keep up the good work.

    I am still waiting for that call you promised me after the one I made to you had to be ended since you were in the cars with friends returning from the invigilation duty.

    Anyways, good day!

  5. I hope I wasn't misunderstood. I'm sure you're doing your duty well, Passu. I had my share of invigilation duty just last month. I did it - yes, but honestly, I don't enjoy such duties one bit. That doesn't mean I won't ever have to do it. I might have to do it again and again and again.....but the truth that'll remain is that I'll never enjoy it....just a simple honest confession....

  6. Thank you all three of you. YLT and Penstar thanks for the compliment, I am trying to be a teacher all the way through.
    and Tshering, I understood you right. Even I hate exams and duties bad but BBE exams pay you well, ha ha ha!

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