25 January 2010

Coffee Maker and the Blogger

I saw my father’s picture only in my high school, I always imagined him. He died in a bus accident when I was one.  But the bigger surprise is that I saw one of my uncles just last summer. I have always known him though. He would send us clothes when my mother visits him during the annual puja in our ancestral home. He has two sons and a daughter- my never-met cousins.

After meeting asha last summer I knew he was a great man. I always thought he was too rich to connect to us anymore, but I was wrong. It’s just that we didn’t meet. He would at times drop at my place for a cup of tea and talk down our bloodline I never knew about.

And last Saturday asha called me up to invite my family to his granddaughter’s birthday. There I saw two of my three cousins for the first time. I was anxious about how to break the ice but luckily my cousin brother Karma happened to be a very comfortable person. 

Just between our handshake and introduction he recognized me, (Do you keep a blog?) He said he follows my blog.  Not long after that I remembered “Karma’s Coffee” in Thimphu. I heard a lot about the shop and the coffee maker “Karma” and there he was talking to me. He was a man who left his job for the love of making coffee, and today he satisfies the taste buds of hundreds of coffee drinker in Thimphu- I am yet to step in for the best cup of coffee…

On the dinner table we were held spellbound by how we were already connected through our interests long before our first union. “The coffee maker and the blogger…” would be an interesting topic to start a short story…


  1. What nice memories to have. Very moving reflection of people in your life

  2. a coffee maker and a blogger would be better because you guys arent THE ones in Coffee making or Blogging. mark that

  3. what do you teach anyway in school? not English i suppose because your grammar is quite bad.teacher, of all people, cannot afford to have bad grammer

  4. Thanks Kaali. I hope I will know my people better now that we have met.

    @ Anonymous, I thought I will delete of your comments right away but I wanted people to see what you wrote. You are full of bad energy and hatred. It brings wrinkles very soon. btw, I teach IT and Maths but grammar is not an exception.

  5. hi dude.i read a lot of blogs and im not there to give bad comments.i commented here because there was need to.i dont suppose you wrote this 'Diary' of yours to be read by just you and those who give only nice comments
    but from your response, i see that yours is the case of not being able to take bad comments but consuming good comments heartily.that's bad!

  6. *i commented here because i thought there was need to

  7. i think so too......this blog is more like a fairy land with a prince and his success story....no masala...just the monotonous whatever....

  8. Hey anon,
    Be nice man. Like the author mentioned above,you really bring lotsa bad energy. If you are someone who genuinely wants to help author with his grammer or whatever,not that he needs in my opinion, you should comment under your own real name. For some reason I sense some jealousy in your comment. Are you jealous of the author for some reason?

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