11 December 2013

A Boto to Remember 11.12.13

People say 11.12.13 is a special date and I don't let go such dates pass by without doing something special to mark it. But today I wasn't able to do anything different because I was deployed on exam duty to Punakha. However, when I reached home by afternoon I heard my daughter crying from inside. I froze there for a while, I have this biological inability to react quickly. She has fallen off our bed, she seemed to have jumped in excitement when she heard me coming and landed on her forehead. This is not the first time she fell but the swelling of that size was new to her. She cried badly, and cried worst when we tried to apply ice pack. She always hated ice pack. She only loves ice in her mouth in the form of ice cream.
Ninzi with Boto
I took her to the mirror and showed her new face with the boto and she laughed. We laughed for quite sometime and it helped in healing my broken heart. Now I know why parents age sooner. Children fall and rise but every time they fall a piece of parents' heart is broken.

She asked, "Apa, will this boto go away?" almost crying.


  1. It must've been a real hard fall! Looks very painful and big.

  2. Awww...I can feel for both of you Passu sir...but its something to rem on this special date :). I hope the boto go away sooner.

  3. It would go away very soon.
    Keep applying ice pack, it would help reduce her pain, and keeps away inflammation. It would do miracle, needn't take much of medication too.

  4. A few mins of cry and laughing and it's over.

    She hates ice packing... that's how the swelling grew to that size. But it's already healing now!

  5. Aiee....11.12.13 day seems bad day for her la hehe...but its something to remember on this special date :). Wishing her a fast, easy recovery la.

  6. really so bad but the end part was more rejoicing.

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  8. Of course this boto will go out...she was fortunate that it did not leave any cut. By looking at the size of boto it clearly indicates that she had a hard hit. I feel sorry for her though. Wish her quick recovery la.

  9. With kids this things keep happening and we have to console ourselves:
    When it is a boto we thank god that it's not a cut,
    when it is a cut we thank god it's not a burn,
    when it is a burn, we thank god it's not a fracture....
    She is completely ok now and thanks for the concern!


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