05 April 2011

Bhutanese Music

I didn't like Bhutanese music until recently, forgive me but there was nothing that could draw me- from lyrics to composition to the voice quality. Thanks to singers Namgay Jigs (forgive his name), Tshering Dorji, and Kheng Sonam Dorji, lyricist like Dirty and Composer like Tandin, who suddenly transformed the whole trend.

Now, Bhutanese children listen to great deal of local music and pride in being able to sing a few. Our generation, who grew insulting the half-hearted songs, is finally beginning to stop and listen, and even love some songs. It's unfortunate that the business is not good now a days with lot of piracy but the change in quality deserves all our respect.

I don't know what magic is there in Bhutanese songs, my daughter would run dancing to the TV as soon as she hears one playing. This has got me so curious, and I had to try playing different musics but god knows why it the Bhutanese music that has this magic. When I shared this story with my friends I knew I wasn't alone. This has been happening with many babies...

Business Idea: Why don't someone in web-designing business come up with a site from where we could download Bhutanese songs legally.


  1. even i have discovered some bhutanese songs i love of late, big change over for a hardcore cynic like me who thought that all bhutanese music was just a use of every instrument they own. great things happen when people get creative and original, and not try to imitate anyone. Now all i hope for are somne great movies from bhutan

  2. Don't worry Di, great movies are on their ways. With Tshokey Tshomo's entry I am positive we are heading into right direction. We need talents there, but talents are hiding in their offices, maintaining their secure income from the job and not taking risk. They are wise though, considering the weak business in cinema...
    What do we do?


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