11 June 2011

Full Landscape of Bajothang

Inspired by the National Geographic photographer, who combines over eighty different shots to get the full view of 1600 year old tree, I tried with two shots. But as always I failed. The two shots are of different size and different lighting, making it difficult to merge. The end result looks funny but until I plan a better one this one is for the record.
As seen from North
You can see Bajo School, Bajo town, the Punatshangchhu River, Tencholing Army Camp, Wangdue town, Wangdue Dzong and Ninzergang Lhakhang. Well, if you don't see them clear, forgive me and wait for the next try!

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  1. The trick is in exposing the separate frames manually! All you had to do was shift your camera to the manual button to set the exposure manually so that you don't have the camera's metering mode jumping onto a different settings for each of your separate frames! Also turn your autofocus off, meaning focus the scene manually so that you don't end up with a different and shifted focus for each of your frames! And yes, to get the levels right, you need to mount your camera on a tripod! or use a level support! I'm not a pro with this, but it does give a quite okay result! Try it next time!


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