14 June 2011

Wind-hole in Wangdue

Legend has it that the Wind in Wangdue comes from a hole in the elephant hill. And many still believe so, finding no geographical justification to why Wangdue should be so windy when places around it are calm. To add more gravity to the legend, the wind at the southern end of the Wangdue Dzong is man-blowing; if you haven’t been there you don’t really know how windy the windy Wangdue is.
Man-blowing wind.
The gigantic prayer flag on the hill waves ferociously with sound enough to surpass twenty scooters starting at once, every blade of grass points in the direction of the wind, trees seem to have lost much of their leaves to the wind… every inch of the hill spells out the power of the wind.
I went looking for the hole, from the head to the tip of the trunk of the elephant hill. I wanted to photograph the wind at its source, but the legend remained a legend- I couldn’t find the hole this time. But the wind blew me into wonder- is so much power going to go wasted everyday in blowing dust around? Or embarrassing and shy girl by blowing up her kira, or by blowing off a bald man’s hat? Can’t it be harnessed into useful energy- to pump water or generate electricity? Because even if there is no wind hole in the hill there is undeniable power of wind sweeping the hill at all times.


  1. very thoughtful article bro.
    I like the way you think about using the powerful wind for positive purposes. generating electricity from that wind sounds a very good idea and if i were a policy maker I would definitely take a note of your words.....

    all the best and cheers for you for being very thoughtful every time you write something on your blog....

    Aue Kuenzang

  2. Dear Passu,
    I am really enjoying reading your articles. Infact this very article on wind-hole in Wangdue is really thoughtful article. You are really a good writer/blogger. Keep it up!

    By the way I also hope that you are enjoying your profession to fullest and imparting the skills and knowlegd that you possess to your students.
    All the best.

  3. hey Passu,
    so nice of you to write about it here. I used to wonder about the wind hole too. and you know what...I think the present day Wangdue is much cleaner... In the mid 90s there used to be litters everywhere due to the public toilet located in the middle of the town and it was quite difficult to walk especially in the evenings... and I alys made it a point not to stay overnight there on my way to Phubjikha (my work station)... wind hole or not the place surely is one of the windiest place I have come across in Bhutan ...:)

  4. Sir, Really nice and thought provoking piece. Most of all i enjoy your humorous way of telling the truth. that is excellent passion that I can see in you

  5. Best of luck in your search for the wind hole. People from Wangdue says that it is there: at the confluence of Dangchhu and punatshangchhu.

  6. @Kuenzang, Thank you for reading my blog every time and letting me know how you feel about it. As far as policy makers noting this is concern, you don;t worry- they won't do that! lol

  7. @Kuenga, thank you for the praise. I find my joy hidden behind the unwritten articles...and each time I write one I find them...

    But I apologize for not being about to impart my skills to my students. Even Education Secretary hopes I do that. But honestly I can only inspire, if they find basketball more fun than blogging, then I have to tell them how to find joy in basketball.

    I have inspired many into blogging and I will continue...

  8. @Sangay, I passed through Wangdue once exactly 10years ago, and I saw a very rustic but clean town- not a piece of rubbish. The bus driver warned me not to throw anything in the town during our short stop. He surprised me when he said Dasho Dzongda will come chasing you...
    But now it's all a different story... Even the new town is infected with old dirt.
    Thanks for the comment!

  9. @ Thanks Monu. Well, I will go on search for the Wind-hole for sure but interestingly everybody has heard and no one has seen... even you have heard, and people who told you must have heard too..ha ha ha I will blog if I find it!


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