07 June 2011

Thousand Wishes on My Birthday

There were so many years I lived without even knowing my birthday, and then there was a period where nobody remembered my birthday except myself. I use to cry like a baby. I wasn't lucky to have a cake on my birthday, and wasn't lucky to have people who cared to come and gift me. I am from among people who die for the riches.

Now, it's all a different story, I have a birthday to celebrate, loving people to sit with, money to buy cake and go out. Thanks to Facebook, everybody remembers my birthday. I received over 300 messages on my wall and it made me feel really good. My sister, who used to wish me on wrong days, called me yesterday morning. BOBL has a nice automated SMSing system in place- it wished me yesterday.

It was the nicest birthday I ever had. If birthdays are so much fun, I don't mind growing old!


  1. Hey dear! The old saying, "Life is not always full of roses" is true mena tey.I am glad to hear you got a wonderful friends with you. If we look into past, we will not see the better part but the worst ones. It's our friends that make us feel special for who we are.

    You are confidentially and professionally fit to celebrate your B'day (Good to know this). Good luck!

    With lots of wishes~


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