09 July 2011

Catching up with the Students

With due respect, I was insulting* over fifty senior teacher for the last ten day. The Best thing about being teacher is that it doesn't really matter who saw the light first, they listened to me passionately. I began by tell them what computer is, then we sat together in finding ways to use it in doing our regular works. Then we went on to find out how we us Internet- yes I took them on a joy ride to Facebook.  I couldn't stop myself from telling them how I consider Google as the greatest Rinpochee- I didn't leave them until they changed their faith. They are now more Googlist then Buddhist!
Then I finally reminded them why we are learning what we are learning; we are not trying to learn something great to help us help our students but to Catch up with out students.
One of the cartoons I showed!

*Please, do not consider the literal meaning of the word 'insulting', I mean it in good humor. 


  1. thoughts provoking article. It is the mark of the metamorphosis of our generation into IT literate citizens.Hope, they would light up more students converting them into googlist...

  2. Haha, interesting. Yeah, teachers got to catch up with students now, may not be all the cases though. Enjoyed reading it sir!

  3. Sir, Facebook is always the first priority among all other websites and I believe all the students are aware of this website and using it productively. Even the Google is on the list for every one of us who has a question mark in our brain and mind.. Thanks to Google but it is annoying when we don't get the result as expected and leaving us unsatisfied with the given answers.

    Interesting Article!

    P.S. No one is perfect and it is true!

  4. Thank you Monu, Langa and Yeesi, it's my dream to bring in Web 2.0 into our education system, and you know how hard it would be... there is need for inspiration, then motivation and finally resources ...at the moment we have less of everything! I hope to write more on this topic.

  5. Hi Passu...
    Interesting one....I Would have really not finished my project if it was not for google...they ask us to put reference at the last and mine would be google goole and google. Ha ha indeed google is greatest Rinpochee...Awaiting your next post

  6. Anu, thanks for finding i interesting. I am hopeful I will come with the next post of Google soon... and thank you more for becoming a Googlist!


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