22 July 2011

Google+ and Facebook

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated country with over 750 million active citizens, beating even the United States. It gives me pain to realize the fact that a man younger than me would be ruling that country, yes I am hinting at Mark Zuckerberg. One crazy idea made all the difference!
The King!

But I am not alone in the list of people who envy Zuckerberg. Some countries blocked Facebook, many companies followed, and so many offices tried. But it surprised me when I found even Google was jealous. But I never thought Google will add a “+” and join the war against Facebook. Google+, is nothing new- another surprise, but has acquired over 18 million users even before it opened to public. That is over 30 times the population of Bhutan.
If + could make a difference...
With Facebook blocked in so many places Google+ is going to have party. When I joined Google+ last Sunday I was very lonely, so I told Pema Gyamtsho, who invited me there, that Google+ is a brand new bar with different brands of wine and whisky, but all our friends are still drinking in the old bar called Facebook. It felt very lonely among 18 million people after having spent years with 750 million people. 


  1. Ha Ha interesting post! :)

  2. Hello! You have an interesting website. It is nice to visit here.

  3. Nice post la, sir! The second session of academic year began there rite?

  4. Simply a beautiful post with doses of fun and laughter. Really its lonely to be on google+ for now but dont know how it will reproduce to reach the apex poppulation. For myself, i fine the old bar more delicious and cosy. :)

  5. Thank you guys. I know you guys are equally jealous about Mark..ha ah ah
    @Vidzee, welcome to my blog!
    @Langa, yes, second term has begun and don't know how days rush through us...
    @I relate to that, I hope you relate to this too!!!
    @Leo, I am not yet regular on google+, but next time I am there I will catch you up

  6. I like reading your blog. Your perspective is so refreshing.


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