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13 July 2011

Dear Students, summer gift to your parents,

I have been thinking of the divine relationship between parents and children for quite sometime, even before I became a father. And it occurred to me that children are innocently selfish. Every child expects the whole world to revolve around him, and parents make sure that it does. Parents place their hearts in every selfish achievement of their children.
I am mentioning this to you at this time of the year to remind you that it about time to give your parents a gift. Not that sort of a gift where you take money from your parents to buy them one, but something that you have achieved on your own- your exam result.
I don’t know if you would rejoice the pride of your father who comes home with the news of him being appreciated by his boss, or joy of your mother who met her childhood friend after fifteen years (because kids only find joy in things that matter to them), but I can assure you that both your parents will be the happiest if you walk home with your mark sheet filled with very good marks. They will pass your mark sheet to each other for countless times as if it’s a million Ngultrum check. They will talk about your result to anybody who visits your home, and then they will tour their friends’ homes to talk more about it.
If you realize it there is nothing in there to talk so much about (you spent last six months in school just for that)- your marks no matter how high won’t help them pay their house rent, not even the water bill. Your marks help no one other than you yet it brings happiness to your parents, which only means how easy it is to please your parents. Just reflect on how much your parents put in to please you each day ever since you were born, and ask yourselves if you were ever perfectly happy. The answer will most probably be No, and this indicates how hard it is to please you, despite all their sweat and blood. And there you are, just having to bring in a good mark sheet and your parents are flattered.
Knowing this is as simple as this; will you still deprive your parents of a gift this summer?

CC: Jigme, with love!


  1. That is a very sweet article. It is indeed the best gift for parents :)

  2. Thank Niyati- for liking my article and for commenting; This is your first comment on my blog and I will treasure it!

  3. This is such a touching post, yes, kids can indeed be a little self centered. Its so easy to make one's parents happy. We don't need millions of dollars for it, but just small acts that can see our parents' faces light up with joy.

  4. Best gift ever from a child to his/her parents...I'd look forward to such gifts from my daughters in future. Sweet article..keep inspiring!

  5. Thanks for commenting Rachna and Qinza. Parents are the easiest people to please, just do a good thing for ourselves and our parents are happy. I wish your kids will gift you with such joy every now and then!

  6. Indeed, a World best Gift! Not yet a parent, so Striving hard to convince our parents, our ability...Thoughtful article Sir! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Yeesi, I hope this help you in your preparation for becoming a parent one day, and of course in making you rethink on your role as a daughter. How many gifts have you gifted your parents?
    Thank you so much for being regular on my blog and letting me know that you read it to the end through your comments!

  8. Its wonderful article to go through my dear kodkin.Keep it up.

  9. wow! passu. words are heart made.


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