19 March 2012

What More is Terrorism?

Fake Nu.1000 notes.(source: BBS)
In such times, when the country is struggling to survive a financial crisis, how could our own people assist outsiders in printing and distributing counterfeit Ngultrum notes (on BBS)?  I am saying outsiders because Bhutan can't have such printers. What more is terrorism to a country? This can't be the first time these brothers are doing this, and they may not be the only Bhutanese men involved it.
The sixteen Nu.1000 notes may be just a part of a bigger plot and these men must take police to the root of the fake money. It's our national luck, as always, that the activity was discovered before it could affect much. However, there could be many other innocent victims that may be known by tomorrow following this timely news on BBS.
For now, we must double check every Nu.1000 note that comes in and goes out of our pocket to be sure.


  1. The news is really upsetting ,as always!

    But Thank you for the news.

  2. You know what? Not long ago, I had a rush of hits on my blog from people in India looking for an image of the 1000 Ngultrum note. They found the image from this post of mine: http://www.greentea.tk/2011/03/money-in-bhutan.html
    Maybe it's just a coincidence but at least my photo would have been totally useless to counterfeiters.
    You can actually find really high resolution scans of pretty much every currency online. It's a concern.

    1. It must have been a coincidence, because they could get real notes far quicker and easier than they could get images from internet, After all they may not be new in this line of criminal activity.
      But in case police could crackdown on the root and they confess to having got the images from internet, then I will go and tell the police that you are responsible ha ha ha!

  3. hope u r nt sayin dat only MEN wer involvd. i read dis word as PEOPLE. ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa


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